'Monster Hunter Rise' Capture Guide: How to Trap Monsters Without Slaying Them

A key part of the Monster Hunter experience is the actual monster hunting, but that doesn't always mean you have to slay a beast.

While slaying a monster may be the easiest way to complete quests or gather materials to upgrade weapons and armor, capturing monsters can reward players with materials that are rarely or never available from carving.

Not to mention, certain quests require you to capture NOT slay monsters, so it's beneficial for hunters to learn how to use these techniques when hunting.

Here's a guide to capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

monster hunter rise goss harag capture
Goss Harag is one of many monsters to hunt in 'Monster Hunter Rise' Capcom

Pre-Capturing Monster Essentials

Before going off to capture a monster, you'll need a few items to guarantee you'll succeed in your quest.

You'll need traps as well as Tranq Bombs or Ammo.

Traps are to capture the target and the Tranq Bombs or Ammo are used to put the monster to sleep. You'll need to carry each in your pocket when going off on your quest.

There are two types of traps: Pitfall and Shock. Each can help trap your target, but require certain material to craft.

Both need one Trap Tool, which can only be purchased by the merchant in Kamura Village. For the Pitfall Trap, you'll need to combine one Trap Tool with one Net, which can be found in various locations of the game.

Shock Traps need one Trap Tool and one Thunderbug, an insect that can be found around the various maps. Hunters can only hold one of each in their pocket, so be careful when you use them.

Tranq Bombs combine one Sleep Herb and one Parashroom. Hunters can carry eight of these in their pocket. You can also purchase Tranq Bombs from the merchant.

Tranq Ammo combines one Tranq Bomb and Normal Ammo. You can craft Tranq Ammo when you have the Bowgun equipped. You can carry up to eight of these at once.

How to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Now that you have the material needed to capture monsters, let's get into how exactly you can do it. Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise is the same as in past Monster Hunter games.

However, if this is your first foray into capturing monsters or you need a brush up you'll need to follow these steps.

The first step is to weaken your target. The weaker they get the easier it is to capture them. You'll know when a monster is weakened by how they act. If they are weak, they'll usually run away from you to another part of the map.

If they are on the verge of being slain, they'll hobble to their location. This is probably the easiest time to capture a monster in a trap—more on that later—but will also be the most time consuming.

A weakened monster will also be flashing blue on the minimap in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once a monster is weakened, you'll need to have it trip one of your traps. Set up your trap by selecting it in your bag and pressing the Y button. You'll need to lure the monster into the trap so standing behind it so the beast can charge at you is your best bet.

After it has been ensnared, you'll have a limited time to use your Tranq Bomb or Ammo to put it to sleep. Depending on the monster and how weak it is, you may need to use multiple bombs or ammo to put it to sleep.

Once it's asleep in the trap, it has been captured and will be sent to Kamura Village.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch.