'Monster Hunter Rise' Fucium Ore: How to Find and Farm Special Material

A big part of Monster Hunter Rise is finding material to upgrade your weapons and armor, to take on the biggest and baddest beasts in the game.

One such material is the Fucium Ore, a special ore that is needed to upgrade weapons and specific armor that can be found in higher-ranked missions. Hunters will want to farm this special material as much as possible, but there are ways to get more Fucium Ore quicker.

Here's everything you need to know about Fucium Ore and how to get it in Monster Hunter Rise.

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'Monster Hunter Rise' is available now for Nintendo Switch. Capcom


First and foremost, Hunters will need to access the High Rank missions. To unlock these special missions, players have to clear all quests that are ranked up to four stars in the Gathering Hub.

Once you've reached the higher-ranked missions, you'll be able to find Fucium Ore rather easily. This special ore can be found in either the Sandy Plains, Lava Caves or Flooded Forest maps.

Simply find a mining outcrop—a hunk of stone that you can mine in the overworld—and you'll mine Fucium Ore. The color of the outcrop doesn't matter, either blue or white, but we recommend maps that have a lot of blue outcrop, as there are more of them in these maps.

Approach the mining outcrop and press the A button to use your pickaxe to mine ore from it.


To increase the number of Fucium Ore mined, players will want to increase their Geology skill to Level 3. This skill will increase the amount of ore found in each outcrop.

To increase the level of your Geologist skill, you'll need to equip your hunter with armor that includes that particular skill.

The following armor have the Geologist skill:

  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Pants

Equipping both pieces of armor will increase your Geologist skill to Level 2. The easiest way to get to Level 3 is to craft a Talisman from Kagero the Merchant.

Select "Melding Pot" when speaking with him and then spend 100 Hunter Points to create the Geologist talisman. Use 10 points of material to create the talisman and, once it's done, equip it along with the Leather Gloves and Pants to raise your Level to 3.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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