Mormons Are Baptizing Holocaust Victims and the Kardashians After Death

Kim Kardashian attends a film gala in Los Angeles. The celebrity’s relatives were baptized by the Mormon Church after death. Getty Images

Members of the Mormon Church are breaking church rules by posthumously baptizing victims of the Holocaust and the ancestors of celebrities like President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the Kardashians, a researcher revealed.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows the ancestors of its members to be baptized into the church after death, but it is against church rules to baptize the ancestors of people who are not Mormon. Nevertheless, it has become a regular practice for Mormons to baptize the ancestors of celebrities and even Holocaust victims, a Mormon researcher explained to the Associated Press.

Mormonism is the only major religion that believes in performing baptisms after death. The public first learned about the tradition in the 1990s when it was revealed that the Mormon Church had performed baptisms for several hundred thousand Holocaust victims. Jewish leaders condemned the activity at the time, and the church passed a rule making it illegal to posthumously baptize Holocaust victims except in the rare circumstance that the person in question is related to a current member of the church.

Now, insiders say the practice has continued despite falling out of the public eye. Documents provided to the Associated Press showed that at least 20 Holocaust victims had been baptized over the past five years.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian’s relatives were baptized by the Mormon Church after death. Getty Images

Baptisms for the dead, as they are called in Mormonism, are performed because Mormons believe that those who do not get baptized into the church during life can still make it to the highest level of heaven if baptized after birth. They are also meant to keep families united in the afterlife. The baptisms do not necessarily convert the person to Mormonism.

Most recently, the organization MormonLeaks, which aims to promote transparency in the Mormon Church, revealed that Mormons had baptized the parents and grandparents of Trump. It is unclear if Trump was aware of the church's baptisms.

Other noteworthy baptisms are those of celebrity Kim Kardashian's grandparents, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, and the grandparents of politicians like Joe Biden and Mike Pence. The mother of the Queen of England was also baptized, according to the records.

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Mormon Church President Henry B. Eyring. Getty Images

The church's genealogical records are available to the public through its website, but the baptisms after death are stored in a part of the database accessible only to church members with a password.

Mormons say the records must be kept in order to prevent people from baptizing people whose descendants are not members of the church.