'Would've Cried': 4-Year-Old's Mother's Day Card Leaves Internet in Pieces

How was your Mother's Day? Probably not as good as Redditor u/TJ4President, whose four-year-old gave her such a delightfully funny card she just had to post it on Reddit's r/funny forum. The post, titled "My four year old just gave me this for Mother's Day. everything is totally true" along with a crying-laughing emoji, has subsequently gone viral, prompting an outpouring of glee and users to share similar stories.

The post that u/TJ4President shared is a photograph of the card, which reads "Happy Mother's Day" at the top. Printed on the card is a list of sentences with blank spaces, which an adult has helped the four-year-old to fill in.

The first line reads, "My mom's name is..." The infant filled the blank in with "happy." This continues with the line, "My mom is ... years old." OP (original poster)'s son filled in this blank with "1".

The four-year-old goes on to put down that his mom's job is "A big fence on wheels," and that something that makes his mother happy is "When she sees me." Alongside fairly ordinary answers to questions like what his mom's favorite food and color are ("popcorn" and "yellow," respectively), the four-year-old hilariously completed the line "My mom always says..." with the answer "Do not scream."

Adorably, the card ends with the line "I love my mom because...," to which the 4-year-old responded, "She gives me hugs." At the bottom of the card is a rudimentary drawing of the boy's mother, alongside the sign-off: "Love, Matthew."

The post attracted more than 40,000 upvotes and over 1,600 comments. Some users simply expressed their delight, with u/Hopeful-Solution7378 writing, "I would've cried it's so cute."

Others chimed in with their own memories of being the age of the OP's son. For example, u/Blue_MK3 commented, "I mean hey, I remember in kindergarten I had no idea how old my parents were, so my teacher told me to just guess. I put 70 for my mom and 80 for my dad."

The post also garnered comments from fellow parents, including u/ThatChrisFella, who responded, "Last year on mother's day I asked my year 1 and 2 kids questions like this. Got a lot of similar age answers along with things like 'her favourite thing is cleaning' and her hobbies are 'looking after us.'"

Likewise, u/takabrash wrote, "My daughter put my wife's favorite thing as 'getting things for me.' Lol."

By giving his mom such a lovely gift, OP's child is already expressing an appreciation for his mother that a majority of adult Americans share, according to a recent survey. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Angara, the survey asked 2,000 people about their attitudes toward Mother's Day and mothers in general. They found that 86 percent of respondents feel that their mom is the "most hardworking" person they know, and 69 percent agreed that mothers don't receive the credit they deserve. In fact, roughly three in five respondents said they believed that "every day should be Mother's Day."

But the card that OP received didn't just melt hearts online, it also tickled a number of Redditors, including u/Hair_I_Go, who wrote, "I can't remember when I've ugly laughed at Reddit like this. this whole thing is hilarious. My question is do you like the name Happy? Is your nickname Hap?"

OP responded, "I suppose I like it well enough. it's my first day with it."

On a similar note, u/hippocat117 commented, "Really wondering what the "big fence on wheels" thing is all about now," and u/Panther_Modern_ added "How do I break into the big fence on wheels industry?"

In a subsequent comment, OP clarified that she works as "a mobile crisis counselor for youths with intellectual disabilities," but that didn't stop fellow users from having a little fun.

U/BigManOnCampus100 commented, "You're 1 year old, a mother and working in the big fence on wheels industry? Talk about a winner," to which OP replied, "I'm living the American Dream."

A child kisses their mother.
A child kisses their mom on the cheek, eliciting a smile from the mother. Ridofranz/Ridofranz/Getty