'Mr. Robot' Series Finale Explained: Will The Real Elliot Alderson Please Stand Up

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the Mr. Robot series finale.

USA Network's trippy thriller Mr. Robot came to an end Sunday night after four seasons and a mind-bending two-hour finale.

The series finale answered questions about just who the real Elliot Alderson, played by Oscar and Emmy winner Rami Malek, is. But as with most twists in the drama, the answers were not uncomplicated.

In the final half of the finale, we learn that the Elliot we've come to know over the past four seasons is not actually the real Elliot, but one of the many personas Elliot created within himself due to his dissociative personality disorder. This persona is dubbed "The Mastermind."

Throughout the episode, Elliot, or the Mastermind, is seen in a series of idyllic scenarios in an imagined world. Here, Angela (Portia Doubleday) is still alive and they're about to get married. Elliot's father is still alive and he has a good relationship with both of his parents.

Elliot realizes this is not the real world and Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), another of Elliot's personas, appears to tell him that this is all a fantasy to keep the "real Elliot" occupied. Elliot learns that he's a persona, too, called the Mastermind, created to channel Elliot's anger and rage, a persona who believes he can hack the world to make it a better place.

Mr. Robot series finale
Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson in 'Mr. Robot' series finale. USA Network

In another scene, Elliot wakes up in his therapist Krista's (Gloria Reuben) office. Krista explains that Elliot created numerous personalities, including Mr. Robot, and the strong-willed Mastermind, whose job was to "save the entire world to make it better for him—turning his harsh reality into a fantasy." But it's now time for the Mastermind to give back control of Elliot to the real Elliot.

Elliot then wakes up in a hospital bed to find his sister, Darlene (Carly Chaikin), at his bedside. Elliot survived the nuclear plant explosion at the end of the previous episode last week and saved the world from a near-nuclear incident by thwarting Whiterose's nuclear meltdown.

But this Elliot is still the Mastermind. He tells Darlene he isn't the real Elliot, but his sister already knows this—in fact, she's known for a long time. Darlene asks if the real Elliot is OK, and he responds: "I made a safe place for him."

Elliot, or the Mastermind, appears to retreat into himself one final time. In a movie theater in his imagination, Elliot's other personas are sitting waiting for the Mastermind. The movie projector flashes moments from Elliot's life and then transforms into an eye opening. We see Darlene, who says, "Hello, Elliot."

The show ends with that—the real Elliot returning to consciousness in his own body and reunited with his sister. The Mastermind and Mr. Robot's work is apparently done after defeating Whiterose.

But one thing Mr. Robot says in the final moments leaves the door open for further exploration: "We'll always be a part of you, kiddo."