Mummified Body of Elderly Man Found in Apartment 11 Years After He Died

Police are investigating after the mummified body of a man who appeared to have died more than a decade ago was discovered in a French apartment.

The remains of an elderly man were found on Wednesday by the landlord of the residence. Items in the apartment indicated he passed away in 2008, France Bleu reported.

According to the website, the man who reported the grim discovery said he had not seen the tenant in a while. The body was dated using food expiry dates, magazines and delivered mail.

It is still unclear what sparked the landlord's concern but it appeared the rent was being paid automatically. It is currently unknown if payments had recently stopped being processed.

The French division of media outlet 24Matins reported the residence was in the city of Nantes and evidence suggested the man had lived alone. The discovery of the corpse, which appeared to be in a state of natural mummification, was not being treated as suspicious.

A full autopsy will be conducted to accurately date the remains and officials will be focusing on determining the identity of the deceased individual, 24Matins reported.

Last year, the mummified body of an elderly Spanish woman called María Amparo Plaza was found in her apartment roughly four years after her death, El País reported at the time.

Police said a neighbor spotted clothing hanging in her home that appeared to have been the same for years. After peering through a kitchen window the neighbor saw the woman's legs on the floor. Local media reported the doors and windows of the apartment had been shut—which likely contributed to the remains being naturally dried out. It was believed she passed away from natural causes.

In 2017, The Local reported on the discovery of a woman whose body was found mummified inside her apartment in northern Spain. She too had not been seen for at least four years.

Years earlier, in March 2014, a woman's mummified body was recovered from the back seat of a vehicle in a home garage in Michigan after approximately five years. The corpse was found after bills that were being automatically paid stopped being processed, authorities said, as reported by CNN.

Following an autopsy, the county medical examiner said the woman's skin had been kept intact but her internal organs were found to be decomposed. The mummification process was aided by the fact her body was located in a closed car and garage.

Police Siren
File photo: Police sirens at crime scene. The remains of an elderly man were found in France on Wednesday. Items in the apartment suggest he passed away in 2008 iStock