'My Idol': Unconventional Lingerie Review Ignites Debate in Video Clip

A woman's eye-opening lingerie review has gone viral, sparking a debate over a situation that keeps turning heads.

The review for a red Contrast Lace Underwire Garter lingerie set from Shein was highlighted in a TikTok posted by user @sarahannburke on April 11. She shared the unconventional review that she found in two TikTok videos, one of which went viral. The full review can be found [Warning: Graphic content] on Shein's website here.

According to Statista, Shein.com is the second most visited fashion retailer website in the country as of 2021 with 45 percent more monthly visitor growth. The website also reports that when it comes to fashion and beauty apps with the most downloads, Shein scored the highest in 2021 with over 25 million downloads in total.

The video highlighting the review is captioned, "We gotta find this Meghan girl #TurboTaxAndRelax #ByeByeSundayBlues #ImoniCarly #SheinFinds #ForYou, amassing 322,200 views so far with 20,400 likes.

In the first video, the reviewer's pictures actually wearing the product can be seen, although her face is mostly covered by her phone. But in the second video shared, the images of the reviewer wearing the lingerie are covered up with pink circles. However, the image in the middle can't be seen due to the TikToker standing in the way.

TikToker @sarahannburke began the video with the review she uncovered from December 24, 2021, which is used as the background image, and the TikToker's face was displayed as she placed a finger to her lips. Music played in the background, and she stepped back a little further so the entirety of the text review came into view while keeping her fingers to her lips.

The reviewer, whose username can't be fully seen, gave the lingerie set five stars. She purchased the items in a size medium, but she goes into some additional details that online browsers looking to make a purchase might not be expecting, as it involved some drama.

Shocked woman on computer
An unconventional lingerie review has ignited a debate in a TikTok video. Here, a shocked woman looking at her computer. DEAGREEZ/GETTY

"I've been depressed recently because my ex is dating this girl named Meghan," the review began. "And they graduated this semester and only have been together for three months. So, my first order off Shein was this."

But the review didn't end there. In truth, things took a turn as the woman kept talking about the situation with her ex.

"I texted him this pic," the woman continued in the review. "Lol Meghan. I fu***d him hard. A few times in this outfit. But f**k both of you. Meghan, I hope you see this. Tell Zach to text me." She also included a winky face emoji to conclude the review.

On each video highlighting the Shein lingerie set, people were in a full-blown debate over the situation. One viewer called the woman "my idol," whereas another person wondered why the poster was "so mad at the other girl for."

People's reactions were all over the place, and many didn't hold back. "When I tell you I spit my water out when I saw this review on Shein," a TikToker admitted.

Some took the side of the reviewer when it comes to the drama with Meghan. "I don't know her, but I'm on her side, sorry Meghan," a viewer wrote.

Others appreciate these types of reviews. "These are the reviews that make me buy the item though," a TikToker expressed.

One viewer felt that it was an "embarrassing" situation for the reviewer, adding, "Like girl, the ex be winning either way."

Another TikToker is taking Meghan's side when it comes to the limited information available. "Why is everyone on her side?" they asked. "She's the crazy ex homewrecker. I feel bad for Meghan."

Many viewers seemed to appreciate the review's entertainment value. "Shein reviews always be wildin... I love it though," a viewer pointed out.

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @sarahannburke for comment.

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