'My Ovaries Just Turned to Stone': Woman Shares Cringe Message on Hinge

A man was ridiculed online after a woman shared an audio message he left for her on Hinge, a popular dating app.

Liv, who goes by @loveiloveiloveolivia on TikTok, shared the conversation between her and a guy named Bradley. Her TikTok has received more than 554,000 views and 3,000 comments since it was posted on February 1.

To make it all more uncomfortable for everyone involved, Liv posted a video yesterday showing that Bradley messaged her again and said that he saw the TikTok.

"Genuinely is this man ok," the caption of the video read.

Since Hinge introduced the audio feature at the end of October, people have been sharing the outrageous things they've heard.

One woman from Canada went viral after she shared various audio prompts men answered on the app. One guy said his simple pleasure was having a bath after a long day, another used the feature to teach people how to pronounce his name—Daniel.

In Liv's case, the two started communicating using regular text at first. Bradley asked Liv if she just "look interesting" or if she was "actually interesting" to which she replied that his comment was a backhanded compliment.

Bradley later replied with a 30-second voice message.

"Uh, how dare you give me a backhanded compliment," he said in a mocking tone. "How dare you speak to a woman of my status like you do just now Bradley. Learn how to take a joke."

He then laughed, changed his tone, and said "that is my imitation of you."

"C'mon, lighten up a little bit," he continued in the audio message. "You really think you're gonna meet a guy being a stiff d**k? C'mon Liv, c'mon I know you're better than that."

He then asked her why she was looking for a boyfriend and repeated that she wasn't going to find one being a "stiff d**k."

"Good luck to ya," he said at the end.

More than 3,000 viewers commented on Liv's video, many joking about Bradley's strange message and voice.

"Sounds like a voice-over in a quirky teen comedy movie," one user commented and received more than 33,000 likes.

"My ovaries just turned to stone," another user wrote.

Another user commented that Bradley also sent her a similar voice message and asked if she was from San Diego. Liv confirmed she was and the two joked about how "embarrassing" it was that they both received strange messages.

"Did we just discover San Diego Bradley?" one user commented, referring to West Elm Caleb.

Other users compared Bradley to Joe Goldberg, the antagonist in the popular Netflix series You.

One commenter mentioned that Bradley's behavior could be categorized as negging. Negging, according to Healthline, is a form of emotional manipulation in which a person uses various tactics including backhanded compliments to undermine a partner's confidence.

This tactic tends to make individuals seek validation and approval from their manipulative partner without even realizing they are being emotionally manipulated.

"Why do men think we don't understand what negging is?" a user commented.

"He probably watched an alpha male tiktok on negging prior to this," another wrote.

But over the weekend Liv uploaded a follow-up video showing that Bradley messaged her again on Hinge and said that he saw her TikTok.

"Do you know I was joking right?" Bradley asked as Liv looked shocked in the video.

Woman disgusted at phone
A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing a cringe audio message she received from a man on a popular dating app. The man later messaged her that he had seen her TikTok. fizkes/iStock