Naked artist arrested while taking selfies with tourists in Paris

A Swiss performance artist was arrested in Paris on Sunday for indecent exposure after taking naked selfies with tourists.

Milo Moiré, an artist and model, stripped naked but for her bright pink running trainers and offered to take selfies with tourists in Trocadero square in Paris, against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.

The artist made an announcement about the project last month. She explained the piece would be titled 'Nackt Selfies' and why she had chosen to do it. "Because of the immediate intimacy, the subject behaves differently than with a regular selfie; because of my obvious presence, a new meta level of self-staging emerges."

However, despite her good intentions, the Telegraph reported Moiré was approached by French police during her performance who instructed her to get dressed before they escorted her away.

Photographer Peter Palm is also Moiré's manager was with her at the time of her arrest. "She was taken into custody, had her rights read to her, fingerprints taken, photographed and detained in a cell", he said.

French law prohibits showing one's genitalia in public, and such an act can be punished by a year in prison and a €15,000 fine, but Moiré was released from prison on Monday night after being given a warning.

The artist has become well known for her naked performances. Last month she performed the same nude 'sefie' piece at Art Basel in Switzerland where she managed not to attract the attention of the authorities.

Previous works have includes Moiré expelling ink and acrylic paint filled eggs out of her vagina onto canvas to create an abstract painting in a piece titled 'PlopEgg,' performed at Art Cologne 2014 in Germany.

Moiré was back in Germany in February of this year, when she walked naked through the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in the city of Münster, carrying a baby, a piece which was greeted with mixed reactions.

Newsweek spoke with her at the time. "I'm shocked how people are so shocked by a naked human body," she said. "The naked body, male or female, has so many stories to tell and so many forms to show. I use nudity as a tool to create a controversy between the bourgeois norm and freedom of spirit."

When contacted for comment on her recent arrest and the details of her performance Moiré responded that she didn't have the time to reply fully and provided links to her personal website.