National Salami Day 2019: How To Cook And Recipes To Try

There are few things in life better than pizza, and salami makes it even more delicious. Most commonly made with pork, this type of cured sausage can be created from other meats like beef and pork, lamb and duck too.

However you like your salami, there are so many ways to enjoy it. Whether in a sandwich, cooked in an omelette or in pasta, it's something to be celebrated - and that's exactly what National Salami Day on September 7 is for.

What is salami?

Salami is a type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and dried meat. Historically, salami is believed to have originated from Italy and it was popular among peasants in Europe because it can be stored at room temperature for a month or more once cut, making it easy to store.

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Before fermentation, the raw meat is ground (usually coarsely) and mixed with other ingredients such as salt, sugar, spices and yeast, before being salt air-cured in either a pork or beef casing.

Makers hang the salami in warm, humid conditions for up to three days to encourage the fermenting bacteria to grow, then hang it in a cool, humid environment to slowly dry. They can also be salted or smoked.

Salami is a type of cured sausage (Getty) Neilson Barnard/Getty

What can you do with it?

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Salami makes an amazing pizza topping and goes well with marinara sauce and cheese, as well as vegetables like zucchini. It also works with sweet peppers, too.

You can also use salami as an alternative to pancetta or bacon bits in a pasta carbonara. Italians might be horrified at the idea of switching up a traditional dish, but it's tasty - don't knock it until you've tried it.

Salami works well in an omelette with cheese. Just slice it up and mix it in with the eggs, with a pinch of salt and pepper and cheese of your choice for a delicious lunch.

Cooking finely chopped salami to make it crispy is a great way to add flavour and texture to a salad. Toss it with leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers and a crumbly, salty cheese like Feta, drizzle with olive oil and go.

Of course, you can always stick to a tried and tested favourite - the salami sandwich. Load up a piece of crusty bread with cheese - cream cheese is good too - tomatoes and arugula. Add a bit of pesto to liven things up and you're onto a winner.

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