Neglected Dog in 'Worst Case of Abuse' Unrecognizable After Just One Month

A dog named Hank has melted hearts online after taking just one month to go from a neglected pooch with mange to a healthy thriving one, unrecognizable from before.

A post on Hank was shared to Reddit just one day ago and has since gained over 30,000 votes. The post compared an image from February when Hank first arrived at the Code Red K9 Crew rescue nonprofit, which specializes in bully breeds and "underdogs" in California, to what he looks like presently.

Shared by an alleged fosterer for the shelter, the post has melted hearts online with dog-lovers left in awe at the 10-month-old pup's speedy transformation.

Hank arrived at the Code Red K9 Crew at the beginning of February covered in bald patches with inflamed skin. It was later confirmed to be a case of mange, a skin condition caused by mites.

According to social media posts, Hank's skin breakdown was so severe that it was difficult to bathe him at first.

He came to Code Red K9 Crew after the non-profit saw "this pup's picture with a plea for help, and this is no way we could say no," according to Code Red K9 Crew's Facebook post on February 8.

"He has been neglected to the point of torture. We've all been crying since we saw him and the shelter released him to us."

"No matter how much pain he is in he just wants to look at us with thankful eyes and give us kisses," the post continued, adding that it was the "worst case of abuse" and neglect that Code Red K9 Crew had ever seen.

"This is the kind of case that almost breaks our spirits, but we know we can help him overcome this and thrive."

Hank was soon confirmed to be "severely anemic" but heart-worm negative, along with having stunted growth from poor nutrition. Despite this, he was described as "beautiful and pretty much perfect" and the "ultimate underdog."

Flash forward to the end of the month, and Hank had already begun to transform with veterinarian help. "He's not ready to strut the runway yet, but he's packed on some pounds and he's getting a start on rowing a pretty new coat," Code Red K9 Crew shared on Facebook on February 22.

Two weeks later and Hank does seem runway-ready now, with a healthy coat and extra weight all in the space of a month, leaving internet users in disbelief it could be the very same canine.

"This absolutely gorgeous and sweet boy is nothing but pure happiness and it's infectious," wrote the non-profit. "He is so very appreciative of love and affection he can barely contain himself. It is not possible to look at him and not smile."

Now Hank is looking for a forever home and loving family, and it seems he won't be waiting long given how much love he's gained online.

Users have flooded the Reddit post with words of affirmation towards Hank, dubbing the transformation "absolutely heartwarming."

"The left picture is almost unbearable to see. The right picture makes it all worth it," wrote one user.

"It breaks my heart to see animals in that condition. I'm so glad to see how much better he looks," added another.

With 6.3 million animals entering shelters across the U.S. every year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA), Hank is one of many in need of help—as shown by the many transformation posts rolling out of Reddit.

Late last year, a dog named Tilly similarly went viral on the site for her before and after pictures. Just like Hank, she appeared unrecognizable and was celebrated by Internet users

Dog's transformation in Reddit post
Stock image. A dog named Hank has melted hearts online after taking just one month to go from a neglected pooch with mange to a healthy thriving one, unrecognizable from before. Getty/istock/davit85