Rescue Dog's Heartwarming Transformation Celebrated Online: 'Beautiful'

Internet users have been celebrating the impressive transformation of a rescue dog after her owner shared her emotional before and after photos.

Dog Tilly had been removed from her previous owners by a local rescue shelter, after seeing images of their dogs in unhealthy conditions, looking physically malnourished.

New owner, Reddit user "h-h-c", shared images of Tilly when she was first rescued, compared to now - looking like a completely new dog. Before she was malnourished, with clear ribs sticking out of her skin. Now, she looks healthy and comfortable, cozied into her own bed.

In less than a day, the photos have gained over 17,000 votes on Reddit with users rushing to virtually applaud the difference.

"She'll be well-fed and [is] taking it easy from now on," confirmed the owner.

"I adopted her through Dawgs Fight Back. They did the hard work of removing her from that situation, getting her treatment, and helping her through recovery. They take a lot of rough cases. I'm just the lucky person who gets an awesome dog," wrote the owner in a comment.

"The rescue convinced her owners to relinquish her and another dog in a similar state after they saw photos someone shared. Unfortunately, there was a third dog that, last I knew, they wouldn't give up."

Tilly's new owner added that she's been doing well since being adopted and has actually surpassed expectations. "We expected her to have a lot of food issues (aggression, tracking from our other dog, etc) which would be a totally normal response to her trauma, but that hasn't been the case. She doesn't even growl if our other dog steals her bone," they wrote.

"She definitely patrols every room for food and wants to get into the trash (probably how she survived being chained outside for the first year of her life) but once she's checked and double-checked, she settles in."

After being shared to the Subreddit "pics" the inspirational transformation of Tilly captured the attention of many—both breaking and melting hearts in one go.

"Kind-hearted people. It's actually very beautiful," commented one user.

"My heart breaks on the top two and glued back in the bottom one. Great job. Pure love," added another.

Just like the transformation of Tilly, shelters across the U.S. rushed to rescue and rehome hundreds of mistreated dogs in a rescue mission last month.

As reported recently by Newsweek, animal rescue organizations were left finding homes for more than 300 cats and dogs after an Arkansas shelter was shut down and its director charged with 285 counts of animal cruelty.

The Humane Society of the Delta in Helena-West Helena was shut down last week after police discovered the way in which the shelter was looking after animals. Director Reta Merritt Roberts was arrested and charged after officers found rats infesting the property, animals in filthy cages and others running loose around trash, living in the stench of urine.

In a joint effort, organizations including the BISSELL Pet Foundation and the Animal Rescue Corps, took on the health testing, microchipping and health checks of the rescued animals, before looking to find forever homes in hopes of transforming them just like Tilly.