Nest of Praying Mantises Hatches Right Outside a Man's Front Door

A man has shared a horrifying snap of a praying mantis nest that hatched right outside his front door, covering his porch in bugs.

Emoats83, from Nebraska, uploaded a photo to Reddit, showing dozens of yellow insects crawling all over wood and brickwork.

He captioned the image: "Had a Praying Mantis nest hatch by my front door!"

The post attracted a lot of interest, as he went on to confirm he had previously spotted the nest, but had no idea what it was.

He wrote: "I've seen the nest before, I just never realized it was a Praying Mantis nest. I walked outside this morning and was like WTF are all those in the corner! Had to save a few that'd fallen and gotten caught in cob webs.

"I've seen these around in years past and always thought the same, that it was a moth or butterfly cocoon."

Emoats83 revealed he would see adult insects every year, before the nest suddenly appeared recently.

He continued: "I always like seeing them in the summer. As another poster said, they're great for pest control! I see them all the time around my house later in the summer. Never a freshly hatched nest though.

"They're awesome to [have] around your yard and garden. They're like having 100 exterminators in your yard."

Website Gardening Know How explained they make great pest controllers, without the need to resort to chemicals.

The site explained: "For the most part, praying mantis insects are beneficial, making excellent garden friends and keeping down bug populations naturally to help maintain a healthy ecological balance in the garden."

Despite that, numerous people commented on the post, some in horror, while others had valuable information—explaining the babies eat each other.

Science website Seeker confirmed, saying: "If there's nothing else good to eat, they will eat their new siblings."

After reading a few comments explaining their cannibal tendencies, Emoat83 wrote: "Another poster just made the comment that they'll eat each. I didn't know that. I might try moving some to new spots around my yard.

"There's still quite a few hanging out within a 10ft radius of the nest. I thought about trying to catch some and move them around my yard."

He kept an eye on them throughout the day, as he updated followers: "I was surprised to see there's still a lot of them still hanging out in the same area 5 hrs later. Just chilling out wait on lunch to arrive!!

"I don't know what it is about them. I've always been fascinated by them. There was cobwebs below the thing they hatched from and I had to save several of them."

He later confirmed some had left the nest area but were still "on guard," adding: "Except now they've moved into a more spread out position around the door!"

Not everyone was intrigued, as MerryGoldenYear admitted: "I'm torn between 'aaaaww' and 'oh god burn it.'"

Tugays_Tabs asked: "How is everyone ok with this? Does this happen a lot in the US? I'd have to burn down my house some guy in here said they got in his bed."

"Wtf. How are those things not taking over the planet!" Rdennish said.

While Nomis2077 wrote: "Whoa! I've never seen anything like this with Prayng Mantis... mantees? Idk. Thanks for sharing!"

In response to people saying they'd "move" if that was their house, Emoat83 replied: "You're moving out and here I am rescuing them because another poster said they'll eat each other if they're around each other."

And addressing people's mixed reactions, he added: "Seems to be a 50/50 split in ppl being creeped out or saying I'm lucky. I just went and caught about 15 of them and moved them around my yard! So freaking funny!! Never seen such a mix of reactions on here. Half are terrified half are saying awww so cute!!"

Newsweek reached out to Emoat83 for a comment.

Stock image of a praying mantis
Stock image of a praying mantis. A man discovered a nest hatched right outside his front door. kstphotography/Getty Images