'I Am Not Okay With This' on Netflix: Are Bloodwitch a Real Band and How To Listen to Their Music

"What do you mean you've never heard of Bloodwitch?" says Stanley Barber (played by Wyatt Oleff) in I Am Not Okay With This, leading many viewers to Google the band and discover that they do not actually exist. On the day of the Netflix show's release, the only bands named "Blood Witch" were a number of metal bands, whose music sounds very different from the dreamy pop of the I Am Not Okay With This soundtrack.

Bloodwitch is not actually a real band. They are a band formed specifically for the Netflix series. The music and lyrics for the band's songs are provided by one-time Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, who also provided the soundtrack for the related series The End of the F***ing World, with singer Tatyana Richaud on vocals.

Writing on her Facebook in February, singer and songwriter Richaud revealed her involvement in the project, writing, "So happy to work with Graham Coxon for the Bloodwitch Album for this Netflix Show!"

i am not okay with this bloodwitch
Bloodwitch are the favorite band of Stanley Barber in "I Am Not Okay With This" Netflix

A number of songs the duo made under the Bloodwitch name can be heard on the show. For example, we hear their song "Fly" in the first episode when Sydney (Sophia Lillis) listens to it, while we hear "Hey Little Girl" in Stanley's car at the top of Episode 2.

If like Stanley you want to do nothing more than smoke weed and listen to Bloodwitch (or tell your Homecoming dance DJ to play it instead of Roxette), their first "album" is streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music. The I Am Not Okay With This official soundtrack album features 11 songs from the show. Below is the track list:

1. "Skipping Stones"
2. "Gotta Have Soul"
3. "Hey Little Girl"
4. "Forever and Never"
5. "Motorcade"
6. "Bloody Witch"
7. "Fly"
8. "Below the Sea"
9. "Vanilla Skin"
10. "A Higher Place"
11. "I'm Yours Tonight"

Fans have given a very positive reaction to the Bloodwitch songs in I Am Not Okay With This. Writing on Twitter, one fan summed up the consensus when she wrote, "hey Stan, I am free everyday to listen to bloodwitch with you. Please get back to me at your soonest convenience." Another tweeted that they hoped the band would actually appear if there are more episodes of the series, which is currently sitting at number two on the U.S. series chart. They wrote: "WAIT IMAGINE SYD AND STANLEY GOING TO SEE BLOODWITCH LIVE IN SEASON 2."

I Am Not Okay With This is streaming now on Netflix