Netflix 'Love and Leashes' Release Date, Cast Starring Seohyun, Trailer and S&M Plot

Featuring flashes of a red-tinted room with dog collars, handcuffs and whips, Netflix's upcoming S&M-themed film Love and Leashes, the official trailer for which was unveiled Thursday, is a kinky Korean romantic comedy.

The new Netflix movie sees two seemingly ordinary office workers embark on a "special" relationship after one of them accidentally learns about the "secret peculiarities" of the other, according to the streamer.

Here's everything we know so far about the racy new Netflix rom-com.

Love and Leashes Release Date

Love and Leashes will be unveiled on Netflix on February 11, 2022.

A still from "Love and Leashes."
A still from "Love and Leashes." The upcoming Korean film on Netflix features two office workers who embark on a "special" relationship. Netflix

Love and Leashes Cast

The latest film sees Seohyun, the Korean actress and singer from K-pop group Girls' Generation, in the role of Ji-woo—a competent public relations worker, according to South Korea's Sports Today.

Love and Leashes marks Seohyun's film debut although she was seen recently as a shapeshifting swindler in Netflix's Private Lives K-drama series in 2020.

Playing opposite Seohyun is Lee Jun-young, who plays Ji-hoo, a seemingly "perfect man with a unique sexual taste," Netflix says.

Lee was recently seen as an AWOL soldier in Netflix's gripping military K-drama D.P., which was picked up for a second season in December 2021, the same month it was selected among The New York Times Best International Shows of 2021.

Korean actress Baek Hyun-joo will play Ji-woo's mother, who will be portrayed as more like a friend than a parent to Ji-woo, always rooting for her daughter, according to Sports Today.

Seohyun in "Love and Leashes" on Netflix.
Girls' Generation singer Seohyun. She plays "Ji-woo" in the Netflix film "Love and Leashes." Netflix

Love and Leashes Plot

A dizzying "different kind of romance" unfolds between Ji-woo and Ji-hoo, who are introduced as colleagues in an office.

Drama ensues when a delivery meant for Ji-hoo is accidentally sent to Ji-woo, due to their names being similar, according to South Korea's iNews24.

Upon opening the package, Ji-woo is shocked to find a dog collar adorned with spikes bearing a label reading "Miho", which Ji-hoo claims is his for three-year-old poodle at home, according to the trailer.

The video later shows a distraught-looking Ji-hoo asking Ji-woo: "I'm wondering…would you be my master?" before cutting to a red-tinted room adorned with various racy lingerie outfits, S&M-themed devices and Ji-woo holding a whip.

A still from "Love and Leashes."
A still from "Love and Leashes" on Netflix. The film stars Seohyun (L) and Lee Jun-young (R). Netflix

"I'm not sure exactly what you want from me," Ji-woo says, "but I can learn things pretty quickly."

The video concludes with Ji-hoo kneeling over Ji-woo's feet and saying: "They're so gorgeous," to which she replies: "Then…would you like me to step on you?"

It has yet to be seen how the pair will navigate their "taste-respecting" relationship, which begins with a three-month contract, according to Netflix.

But things may get complicated as Ji-woo suggests: "Rather than being partners, let's date for real."

Love and Leashes will be released exclusively on Netflix.

"Love and Leashes" on Netflix.
Lee Jun-young plays "Ji-hoo" in "Love and Leashes" on Netflix. Ji-hoo is a seemingly "perfect man with a unique sexual taste." Netflix