December's 10 Most-Watched Netflix shows: 'The Witcher,' 'Money Heist' and More

Netflix has launched a website that reveals exactly how many hours of TV its viewers are watching, meaning we now have a good idea of what the most-watched series on the streamer are.

Unsurprisingly, some of December's biggest releases have made it onto the month's most-watched list. Emily in Paris, The Witcher and Lost in Space all made the top five, with subscribers spending millions of hours binging the new seasons over the holidays.

What is more surprising, however, is some of the shows that are still among the most-viewed on the streamer, despite being released months ago. We might have expected Squid Game to still be hanging on after becoming a worldwide phenomenon, but it is not the only show that people are still watching.

None of these shows, however, were able to reach the top spot, with Netflix viewers watching over 466 million hours in December.

The 10 most-watched TV shows on Netflix in December 2021

10. Carinha de Anjo

Subscribers watched 43 million hours of this telenovella for children. It is far from the only telenovella that Netflix users are watching – two shows from the genre were among the most-watched of the entire year.

9. Maid

Maid was released at the start of October, but the story of a woman who escapes domestic violence by cleaning houses is still chiming with viewers. Two months after the Margaret Qualley drama was released, subscribers logged 47 million hours of the limited series.

8. The King's Affection

Squid Game may have got all the headlines, but South Korean dramas have been a big deal on the streamer for years. The country has much more to offer than just hyperviolence, as shown by this love story set in the royal court of historical Korea. 64 million hours of the show were watched in December 2021.

Players No. 456, 001 in "Squid Game."
Player No. 456 (Lee Jung-jae) with player No. 001 (Oh Young-soo) during the Marbles match, one of the most emotional rounds of the contest in in "Squid Game." The show has been the biggest Netflix show of 2021. Netflix

7. Squid Game

The King's Affection may have found plenty of fans, but it was not able to topple the biggest of the K-dramas. Over three months since the survival horror series dropped on the streaming service, viewers spent nearly 70 million hours watching the show's many brutal challenges.

6. Titans

Though it streams on HBO Max in the U.S., this DC Comics series is a Netflix original in most other territories around the world. 72 million hours of the superhero drama were viewed over the course of this month.

Emily in Paris Season 2
"Emily in Paris" Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now. The series is the fifth most-watched on Netflix this month. Netflix

5. Emily in Paris

You might be hard-pressed to find anyone who will admit to liking Emily in Paris, but one thing is for certain: People are watching it. In fact, they spend 125 million hours doing that in December, as Season 2 of the Lily Collins-starring comedy-drama dropped.

4. Lost in Space

Lost in Space has found a place in viewers' hearts. Across the last four weeks, 185 million hours of the sci-fi series have aired. Despite this, the recent Season 3 is confirmed to be the last ever season of the Netflix original.

3. The Queen of Flow

Another huge telenovella for the streamer is The Queen of Flow, about a young songwriter caught in a love triangle. Streaming viewers watched over 263 million hours of the show's twists and turns across the month.

2. The Witcher

Fans had to wait a full two years for more of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia – and once they got them, they devoured them much in the same way as Geralt may devour a roast bird after a long day's questing. To be exact, users logged nearly 435 million hours of the story so far.

Money Heist
Álvaro Morte as The Professor in "Money Heist." Part five of the Spanish drama was released on Netflix in December 2021. Netflix

1. Money Heist

Geralt of Rivia may have vanquished many foes, but he was not able to beat a gang of jumpsuit wearing criminals in Salvador Dali masks. After five seasons of double-crosses, deaths and daring heists, La Casa de Papel / Money Heist came to an end, with millions of viewers watching over 466 million hours of those final episodes.

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