Why a New Pokémon Announcement Will Be Here Before April 26

Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story is releasing soon in Japan and new merchandise for the film is being promoted as we get closer to the debut. But fans should expect an announcement about a new Pokémon sooner than the April 26 movie premiere

According to PokeShopper, a merchandise catalogue leak states the identity of a new Pokémon plush is set to be revealed on April 26. This means Pokémon fans should expect an official announcement on this new Pokémon before the plush is unveiled

Pokeshopper Reminder : Brand new Pokémon for Movie 21 Takara Tomy Plush images to be added to catalogue on April 26th https://t.co/letjJeEFvO pic.twitter.com/uGgS4XQ4Ix

— Pokéshopper.com (@Pokeshopper) March 29, 2018

Paul Ryan, who runs PokeShopper, expects the announcement of the new Pokémon to come between March 29 and the second week of April, based on past reveals. And if the news of a new Pokémon plush sounds familiar, this is the same Japanese catalogue listing for the Everyone's Story movie from mid-March.

However, speculation for what this new Pokémon premiering in the 21st Pokémon movie actually is ranges from a new Eevee-lution to the mysterious Zeraora. For those unfamiliar, Zeraora is a new Pokémon found in the code of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The pure Electric-type Pokémon is cat-like in appearance and stands on its hind legs. Marshadow, another Mythical Pokémon that was discovered in the code of a game, wasn't revealed until the months before the I Choose You movie in 2017.

The Eevee-lution speculation comes from the fact that one of the characters in Everyone's Story, Lisa, is featured prominently in promotional material and her partner Pokémon is an Eevee. The movie takes place during the Wind Festival, and this has some fans wishing for a Flying-type Eevee-lution.

Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story will release in Japan in July.

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