Pokémon Switch Rumors: Movie to Introduce New Pokémon?

A new rumor regarding the future Nintendo Switch game release has sprung up ahead of the upcoming release of Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story. There is a lot of speculation online (and possible leaks) that a new Pokémon will make its debut.

Merchandise tied to the new Pokémon movie teases a mystery and many fans think a new evolution for Eevee is the answer. According to Paul Ryan of PokeShopper, a new Japanese merchandise sheet shows off some of the new plushies that tie-in to the movie.

In the sheet, there is a plush for Pikachu, Eevee and Lugia. The synopsis for Everyone's Story confirms that Lugia will have a huge role in the upcoming movie, and Pikachu is the mascot for the franchise. So, those two make sense … but why Eevee?

Lisa, one of the new characters of Everyone's Story, is confirmed to have an Eevee and is described as a rookie Pokémon trainer. So while we already know Lisa and Eevee will have a role to play in the new movie what makes the merchandise sheet mysterious is the blacked out space next to Eevee. Check out Paul Ryan's tweet with the Japanese merchandise sheet below.

Top right slot. Seems reminiscent of something? https://t.co/rMNg1gk2Bv

— Paul Ryan (@Paulrobertryan) March 12, 2018

What Ryan is referring to when he says "reminiscent" is a similar scan The Pokémon Company released before Sun and Moon launched in 2016. In that scan, a Rockruff plush was shown next to two blacked-out spaces. Pokémon fans would later learn that Lycanroc Midday and Midnight were the plushies behind those blacked-out spaces before the official reveals.

Considering Everyone's Story will have Lugia, a Flying-type Legendary Pokémon, and take place during the Festival of Wind, many are speculating that a Flying-type Eevee-lution is coming. However, that may not be the case.

Another new merchandise sheet discovered by PokeShopper shows a blacked-out space for a new Pokémon figure alongside Alola Vulpix, Naganadel, Lycanroc Dusk, Pikachu and Eevee. Paul Ryan and Joe Merrick of Serebii both believe this means that a Pokémon based on the plot of Everyone's Story will be the mysterious figure and it's likely Zeraora. Check out the image below.

Pokeshopper News : New Takara Tomy figurine sheets confirms a brand new Pokémon is coming for Movie 21. Details @ https://t.co/C29wpFCshM pic.twitter.com/GAQ6O8gLdr

— Pokéshopper.com (@Pokeshopper) March 15, 2018

Zeraora is a new Pokémon fans found in the coding of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It's a pure Electric-type Pokémon and has cat-like features. This Pokémon, like Marshadow in the 2017 movie, has not been officially confirmed by The Pokémon Company before the movie debuts. Odds are the mysterious Pokémon will be Zeraora.

Until The Pokémon Company confirms anything, the mysterious space in the Japanese merchandise sheet remains just that, a mystery.

Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story will release in Japan in July.

So what do you think is the mysterious Pokémon for Everyone's Story? Is it a new Eevee evolution or Zeraora? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.