Newsweek Launches 'The Kristal Knight Show' Podcast Hosted by Progressive Left Political Strategist & Social Activist

NEW YORK - October 6, 2022 - Newsweek today announced that it is adding a new series to its roster of podcasts – The Kristal Knight Show, hosted by a leading voice on the progressive left, political strategist Kristal Knight. A senior political operative, Knight most recently served as the political director for Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC during the 2020 election cycle. While there, she managed a nationwide coalition of grassroots and leading advocacy organizations.

A key topic of focus for Knight will be on the big issue facing the Democratic Party: finding the common ground between the progressives and the moderates to present a unified platform to voters before the midterm elections and answering the question, "Where is the future of the Democratic Party headed, and is there a place for both progressives and moderates under the Dems' "big tent?"

The show will feature candid conversations with politicians, celebrities, and activists, with Katie Fahey, the American activist who founded Voters Not Politicians, a grassroots campaign to ban partisan gerrymandering in Michigan, joining as the podcast's first guest.

"I have worked on elections across the country in big cities and small towns," said Knight. "People vote with their party when their party reflects their values, but if their values aren't reflected, they either don't vote or vote third party. The Democratic Party today is bifurcated and on The Kristal Knight Show, we want to present both sides in this 'interparty debate,' so people can decide for themselves what the party truly stands for at this juncture."

"Newsweek is committed to presenting a spectrum of perspectives and voices, and Kristal Knight will be a powerful addition," said Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, Newsweek. "The Kristal Knight Show promises to foster dialogue and encourage our listeners to question the candidates' and parties' positions leading up to the 2022 elections and beyond."

Art19 provides The Debate's podcast platform. Jesse Edwards, who heads radio and podcasting at Newsweek, will be producing the program. To listen, please visit

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