NFTs and TikTok: People Reveal 'Popular' Things They Don't Get

The internet is getting real about things that are "crazy popular" that they don't have any interest in, and people aren't holding back with their responses.

The now-viral Reddit post with 8,200 upvotes is titled, "What is something crazy popular that you have no interest in." Over 11,700 comments have poured in since Redditor @CutPale7070 shared the post to the subreddit "Ask Reddit," and it has sparked a discussion on numerous topics.

Some people brought up NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. They are unique digital assets that can't be copied or substituted, according to Merriam-Webster. They are recorded in a blockchain, and they can include things like videos and artwork. They are usually also bought and sold with cryptocurrency.

According to Statista, the global sales value of NFTs in 2021 peaked at $11.16 billion. NFTs sold in the art segment equated to $2.57 billion that year alone.

"NFTs," a Redditor pointed out. "No matter how much I read, no matter what my friends tell me, I cannot see how there is any value attached to [these] images. It just feels so phony to me."

Others brought up strip clubs, and one Redditor added that they too didn't have any interest in them. "Paying money to watch a woman get [naked]?" a Redditor asked. "Like I can do for free online? And I still can't touch her? No. No interest."

Some things can truly be expensive in life, and one of those moments is a wedding. One Redditor figured marriages that last are the weddings that were a "short service" with a "modest reception."

"Every wedding I've been to/a part of where the families spent $5000+ on them have all ended in divorce," they added. "It's like they try to justify their love to each other by being extravagant."

Marvel movies, which are extremely popular with audiences, aren't valued by every viewer, it seems. "Marvel," a Reddit user pointed out. "Those movies are 99 percent greenscreen and seem like the same storyline recycled over and over and over and over and over."

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The internet is coming clean about popular things they don't get. Above, a smiling woman walking on the street while on her phone. GETTY

The popular platform TikTok was also called into question, and not everyone enjoys scrolling through the endless short video clips numerous kids can't get enough of.

"TikTok, I've never installed it, and it has never caught my attention in spite of its angry relentless insistence, Lol," a Redditor said.

Some Redditors brought up the accuracy of astrology and zodiac signs, something many people follow and believe. "When your parents decided to reproduce doesn't make your whole identity and personality," a Redditor reasoned.

Not everyone wants to be a parent, either, and some Redditors named "babies and children" as something they don't want.

"A risky opinion to have on Reddit, but I'm willing to put myself out there," a user said on the topic. Another Redditor agreed, adding, "You are not alone. I don't like them either."

Others named specific shows that are or were once quite popular with viewers. "Game of Thrones," a user expressed. "I know it's not hype now, especially after they botched the last season, but I haven't cared for it since it came out."

Social media apps were also discussed, and one user admitted they have a Reddit and Facebook account, but they "basically" don't use them anymore. "I haven't joined or downloaded a new one in years and just don't see a point," they said.

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @CutPale7070 for comment.

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