Streamer Ninja the Target of Reddit Hate After Reporting Player For 'Higher Ping'

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins likes to report players in his Fortnite games. If he feels a player got "lucky" taking him down, he's quick to press that report button and call Epic Games. Earlier this month, Ninja reported player IcyFive who he believed was stream sniping. No evidence was found that the player was watching his stream to gain an unfair advantage, but that didn't stop Ninja from trash-talking this random online. The amount of backlash Ninja got from the community was massive, but he still stood by his opinion that IcyFive was stream sniping.

In response to the incident, Youtuber Chera posted a video about the time he got reported by Ninja and his account was then banned. In a game from October, Ninja gets killed by Chevin in a base battle. Flabbergasted that he could die like that, he goes and presses that report button. When prompted to ask what the report was for, Ninja wrote for "having a higher ping than me." Playing on unstable connections can cause your character to teleport across the screen because the game server takes longer to receive and send information. Having higher ping can be caused by playing on a server that's far away from your location or by having shoddy internet. According to Epic Games terms of service, having higher ping is not a bannable offense.

A clip of the video posted by user BooBooClownBoo quickly spread around reddit, with a post on the Fortnite sub having over 30,000 upvotes. "Ninja himself should be punished for false reporting half the people he reports," wrote one user. "How does anyone become that authoritarian and power hungry over a game," wrote another. Epic Games employee Epic_Boomer went to the comments to try and clear a little bit of the air. Chera had two Fortnite accounts: one that was reported by Ninja and another that was banned for unrelated reasons. When Chera got the account back in November, he changed it to have the same name as the account that was banned by Ninja. The original account Ninja reported was never banned.

BooBooClownBoo was the original account that posted about IcyFive on the FortniteBR subreddit. The user might have seen the YouTube video and thought he could gain more karma, but that's merely speculation.

Hating Ninja has become a popular trend over the last few months. His subscriber count has taken a severe dive in the second half of 2018. In May he pulled 188,000 subscribers, but couldn't break 50,000 subs in October according to TwitchTracker. That doesn't mean his popularity is starting to wane. He just streamed Fallout 76 with Rick and Morty and is still appearing in Samsung commercials appearing all over Twitch.

Streamer Ninja the Target of Reddit Hate After Reporting Player For 'Higher Ping' | Gaming