Nintendo's 'Ring Fit Adventure' Will Make You Feel the Burn & the Fun

When Nintendo released its teaser and subsequent trailer for the Ring Fit Adventure I - like many others - was a bit perplexed by the company's latest peripheral for the Switch console.

Many gamers are familiar with Nintendo's past ventures into the fitness sphere, like the Wii Fit, but this is something...different. Long gone is the body board, replaced by a leg strap and plastic ring that players have to pull and squeeze.

It looks clunky and odd, but it works and is a ton of fun.

I got to spend some time with the Ring Fit Adventure, and I found the game and its peripherals to work extremely well. It offers an experience I would prefer to use over going to the gym.

ring fit adventure adventure mode run
Jog through varying levels in 'Ring Fit Adventure' Nintendo


The main aspect of the Ring Fit Adventure is the Adventure Mode. You play as a character who discovers a ring that talks to you. You pick it up and unknowingly release the villain, an overly buff Dragon. The real spirit of the ring awakens and suggests you need to recapture him, but you'll need to traverse the various lands and defeat enemies along the way.

If you're looking for a steady dose of cardio, the Adventure Mode is for you. To move, just jog in place. The pace is totally up to you, but there are certain parts of stages that require high knees when climbing stairs or getting out of a swamp. The ring you hold is your weapon of choice, and it allows you to push out air to hit boxes and other items by squeezing the Ring-Con. Pulling the sides of the Ring-Con allows you to suck up coins and other items that are out of reach.

Being able to jog in place and push/pull the Ring-Con takes some getting used to, but it's not bad to control, and the peripheral registers your movements surprisingly well.

Enemy encounters take place as part of a turn-based battle. Each enemy is color-coded to tell players which type of attack deals the most damage. Colors signify arm, leg, core and yoga moves. There are certain moves accessible at the start, but you can learn more as you level up. Each move has a cooldown as well, which prevents players from using the same move every turn. Some attacks have longer cooldowns, so use them wisely. There are even some moves that let you recover health and have no cooldown, so there is a clear element of strategy to defeating enemies.

And, while battles look easy, they are a great test of endurance. Be sure to use all the moves at your disposal and master defending by pressing the Ring-Con into your abs. If you want to feel the burn, you certainly will by following these instructions.

ring fit adventure mode battle
Fight enemies in turn-based battles Nintendo

To add more nuance, collectible items can be used to make smoothies with varying status effects. This aspect of gathering items gives players a reason to replay certain levels to find specific items they need in a farming process. Clothing items can be used to further improve stats and offer unique looks. .

While the length of Adventure Mode may vary, players do have the option to breeze through it as fast as possible or take their time with it. To be honest, for the amount of exercise it'd require, I wouldn't recommend trying to complete it in a night or two.


Ring Fit Adventure also has an assortment of mini-games. All of the minigames are unlocked from the start, and each one works out a particular muscle while challenging players to get the highest score or best time.

Each game feels unique in its movement and activity. You can crush robots like a wack-a-mole using the pull and push mechanic of the Ring-Con, use the ring to climb walls while gathering as many coins as possible, test your aim by firing air at boxes to get the highest score or master your squatting abilities to shape clay into pottery. As crazy as all of that sounds, it's actually fun for players and bystanders alike.

ring fit adventure minigames boxes
Blast crates in one of many minigames included in 'Ring Fit Adventure' Nintendo


Beyond Adventure Mode and mini-games, Ring Fit Adventure has a few extra features as well. Players can create their own regiment to work out specific muscles or customize routines for specific comfort levels. There are three slots and with a plethora of workout options to mix and match.

Players can also do sets of a specific workout for more traditional exercise. While this is pretty standard fare, the Ring Fit Adventure also allows for players to do sets even while the Switch isn't on the television. A player can press on the Joy-Con strapped to the ring to activate a dual mode. This allows players to watch tv, listen to music or do something else while doing sets. The Joy-Con will beep when a rep is complete.

There's also a quiet mode so players who have neighbors living downstairs can jog lightly without disturbance. For those with physical disabilities, an auto-run option performs the basic functionality.

Ring Fit Adventure also supports tabletop mode if you want to get a work out in while you're out, but we recommend playing on a television.

Nintendo continues to find new and innovative ways to play games and better gamers' lives. Ring Fit Adventure can easily become the next Wii Fit with its fun and engaging Adventure Mode and a ton of mini-games to test your skills long after the campaign ends.

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure is scheduled to release October 18.