5 Reasons Why the Nintendo Switch had a Successful First Year

The Nintendo Switch celebrates its one-year anniversary on March 3. Since its release, the dark days of the Wii U appear further and further in the rearview mirror. Now the future of Nintendo looks brighter than it has in a long time.

Not only is the Switch selling more quickly than Nintendo expected, it brought a ton of amazing titles to gamers throughout the year. Nintendo had a lot riding on the success of the Switch, and to celebrate its first anniversary, here's five reasons why the hybrid console had a year to remember.

The Nintendo Switch looks great docked or undocked. Nintendo

It Works As Intended

The Switch's hardware design is risky, bold and innovative. Nintendo's decision to position it as a home and an on-the-go console was unprecedented. When the Switch was released, the ability to dock and undock the console was a huge plus for gaming journalists and gamers alike.

The freedom to enjoy high quality gaming on-the-go is very desirable for gamers who commute and like to multitask. The Switch does it better than any other option out there. Some games look even better on the console when it's in portable mode. It's also amazing to see critically acclaimed games like Skyrim and Breath of the Wild in such a small package.

Were there some technical hiccups? Sure. But Nintendo rectified a lot of the early hardware problems and a year later, the console works as intended.

Bringing Mario Kart 8 to the Nintendo Switch was genius. Nintendo

Breathing New Life into Wii U Titles

The Wii U was a big failure for Nintendo after the massive success of the Wii and because of that, many of the stellar titles released for Wii U never found an audience. Games like Mario Kart 8, Pokken Tournament and Bayonetta 2 got a second life on the Switch.

stardew valley
Stardew Valley coming to the Nintendo Switch was a no-brainer. Chucklefish

Great Independent Titles

First-party games will always be Nintendo's bread and butter, but the Switch has already seen some exceptional independent titles. Ports like Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight and Overcooked , along with new games like Celeste and Fe, gave gamers hours of enjoyment between triple-A titles on the Switch.

Nintendo's continued support of independent developers will continue into the Switch's second year, with a new Shovel Knight game and Travis Strikes: No More Heroes, among others.

skyrim nintendo switch link
Third-party games like Skyrim will continues to be brought to the Nintendo Switch. Bethesda

Third-Party Games Are Back!

A lack of third-party support was one of the Wii U's biggest challenges. Nintendo recognized this problem and committed to working with third-party developers to ensure the Switch would have a diverse lineup of games in its first year.

The biggest collaboration was Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle with Ubisoft, the mashup gamers didn't know they needed. That's not to mention the Switch release of yearly sports titles like FIFA 18 and WWE 2K18. Bethesda brought Doom and Skyrim to the Switch and Bandai Namco released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on the hybrid console.

The Switch's second year will bring even more third-party games, like Mega Man 11 and Dark Souls: Remastered, so fans should be confident the console will continue to see a great selection of titles.

The 'Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild,' released March 3 on Nintendo Switch, is Newsweek's best game of 2017. Flickr

First-Party Games Are Stellar

First-party offerings have always been critical to the success of Nintendo's consoles. . The Switch's first year started hot, with some of the best games in recent memory.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild opened the Switch era with rave reviews and perfect scores, including from us, and was a system seller. Nintendo continued offering first-party games throughout the summer, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS and Splatoon 2. And, of course, Super Mario Odyssey was another groundbreaking title that drew widespread acclaim and attention.

Both Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were neck and neck for Game of the Year in 2017 and won multiple awards throughout the year. This momentum looks to continue in the second year with new Kirby and Donkey Kong games, as well as Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4.

What do you like most about the Nintendo Switch? Or are you still skeptical in spite of the hype? Let us know in the comments.