8 of the Best 'Bones Day' TikToks After Noodle the Pug Goes Viral

Humanity has looked for many barometers for general mood and wellbeing.

We've thought about the way the weather affects how we feel, we've looked to the stars with horoscopes and now, we are turning to Noodle the pug to find out if today is a bones day or a no bones day.

Noodle went viral on TikTok after his owner, Jon Graziano, began filming himself lifting the 13-year-old dog out of his bed to see if he collapsed back in - a no bones day - or supported his own weight and sat up - a bones day.

The trend has taken over TikTok as the hashtag #NoBones has been viewed 284.1 million times and even comes up with the description: "Is today a #NoBones day? Tell us the forecast."

This is what it all means and some of our favorite reactions to the trend.

What Is a Bones Day?

Graziano jokes in his videos that a bones day, when Noodle decides to use his front legs to support himself in bed, is a good day to treat yourself and get things done.

On one bones day video he said: "It's a bones day on a Monday you guys, this is so exciting.

"You know what to do... that raise you deserve but haven't asked for yet, you totally deserve, ask for it.

"You've gotta treat yourself today."


hope you all have the best Monday! 🔮🦴 #nobones #bonesday #pug #noodletok #monday

♬ original sound - Jonathan

In another bones day video he said: "I hope you do something kind for yourself today, I hope you treat yourself.

"I know I am, I'm ordering a huge lunch. I hope you do too.

"If you haven't bought that jet ski, now is the time."


I know this is coming later than usual - you can ask @TODAY Show about that 🤯🔮🦴 #nobones #bonesday #pug #noodletok

♬ original sound - Jonathan

What Is a No Bones Day?

No Bones days are generally joked about as days better spent in bed and avoiding doing anything too productive.

One day earlier this month when Noodle had "no bones," collapsing in his bed, Graziano said: "I don't think that's bad news I think it's just something to keep in mind...

"If today was the day you were planning to call your sister and tell her you just hate her husband, today is not the day to do that."

8 of the Best Bones Day Reactions

1. When You Need a Good Day

TikTok user Emily Zeck captured the mood by sharing a video of herself clapping and lip syncing to the chant "Holy Spirit activate."

She wrote: "When Noodle the pug says it's a no bone day but you desperately need to have a good day."

2. Noodle Sea Shanty

Singer Malinda combined two trends in one, rewriting the words to a sea shanty to tell the story of Noodle's viral fame.

In the lyrics she and Jacob Sutherland sang: "There once was a pug that could foresee / if our day ahead was merry or bleak / Every day all of TikTok asks / Is it a bones day or no? (Woof)."

3. Forecast Chart

TikTok user @Katn8r shared her helpful forecast chart that she has made so her colleagues can manage their expectations of what kind of day is ahead.

She marks on the chart whether today is a bones day or a no bones day.

4. Bad Time to Invest

One user, @jonnycheeze, shared a video of his worries that he'd made a bad call.

In text on screen he said: "Had just invested a chunk of my savings into Bitcoin (at what seemed like the right time) when I remembered... IT'S A NO BONES DAY."

5. Pentagon Influence

Noodle's reach knows no bounds it seems, as a video posted by U.S. House of Representatives staffer @skeeter.mcgavin showed.

As she wandered around her house on a work call she suddenly fell to the ground laughing.

Narrating the video she explained: "I'm on the phone with the Navy Pentagon right now... A Lieutenant Colonel at the Navy Pentagon legitimately just started this briefing with 'I don't know if it's a bones or no bones day, so let's just get started.'

"Not only is this 13-year-old pug a barometer for Gen-Z and millennial mental health but now this homie is influencing at the Pentagon!"

6. No Bones Day Song

Another song by @notthemaincharacters explained the joy of staying in bed on a no bones day.

She sang: "If it's a no bones day I just stay in bed / Noodle said it's fine if I don't get dressed / His legs are made of jello / sorry that you didn't get the memo / 'Cause Noodle said that it was okay."

7. Can't Work on a No Bones Day

In a skit by Jen Hamilton, she imagines a scenario where you don't arrive at work for a meeting because it's a no bones day.

"Well, I got up early and I checked the forecast and it was a no bones day so I assumed no-one was coming," she said.

The video was viewed by Graziano himself who duetted the clip and laughed as he watched.

8. A Good Day to Have a Bones Day

TikTokker @urmomslinguini shared a hilarious and cinematic video in which he depicted the joy of finding out it's a bones day when you had hoped to have a good day.

His video was shared by Graziano who captioned the post: "These videos keep getting better! hope this was all of you on this fine bones day."

An elderly pug under a blanket
An elderly pug under a blanket. On a "no bones" day, Noodle's owner recommends staying in bed. Getty Images