Nordstrom Latest Hit by Flash Mob Robberies Targeting Louis Vuitton, Designer Stores

Dozens of looters ransacked a California Nordstrom store in the latest case of flash mob robberies that have targeted designer stores, according to reports.

Upwards of 80 people were seen racing out of the Walnut Creek store on 1200 Broadway Plaza while it was still open on Saturday evening, according to NBC Bay Area.

In a clip shared by the network's reporter Jodi Hernandez on Twitter, people wearing dark-colored hooded tops and face masks could be seen carrying bags and suitcases stuffed with items in their arms before climbing into cars that had been parked just outside the shopping center.

Dozens of people flooded out of the Nordstrom luxury department store at around the same time and ran towards parked cars that had been waiting for them outside.

A manager working at a nearby restaurant claimed to have seen many people carrying weapons into the store and feared they would damage vehicles outside.

PF Chang's manager Brett Barrette told the network: "We probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars. A bunch of weapons.

"They were looting the Nordstrom's right here. And I thought they were going to start beating cars. I had to start locking doors, lock the front door, and lock the back door."

Police stopped the driver of a BMW convertible, which they believed was connected with the bizarre incident, according to ABC7.

Walnut Creek police officers then arrested three people in connection with the incident and a firearm was found on one suspect, according to the network.

A Nordstrom spokesperson told Newsweek: "On Saturday evening, a large, coordinated group of individuals entered our Walnut Creek store and began looting.

"Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured; five employees who sustained minor injuries have been treated and released.

"The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority, and we're doing everything we can to support them through this situation. We are working with the Walnut Creek Police Department in their active investigation."

Newsweek has contacted the Walnut Creek Police Department for comment.

The suspected mass looting is the latest in a number of flash mob robberies that have recently targeted designer stores.

Eight people were reportedly arrested after leaving a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco's Union Square "emptied out" on Friday night, according to Fox News. Other high-end retailers in the city, including Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent, were also said to have been looted.

Earlier this month, thieves robbed a Chicago-area Louis Vuitton store and made off with some $120,000.

Louis Vuitton had been stung in a series of robberies several times in the Chicago suburbs in the past few months.

Police said at least 14 masked men ran into the outlet at the Oak Brook Mall and made quick work of the store.

People near the store at the time of the robbery were reportedly stunned by the brazen nature of the suspects.

"You don't expect that kind of thing to happen outside of the city, too," witness Jasmine Tsang told WLS-TV. "I actually moved in from the city just recently. I thought I escaped all of that."

Update 11/23/21: This article was updated with comment from Nordstrom.

Stock photo of police car
Dozens of people were seeing flooding out of the California store. Here, a stock photo of a police car is seen. iStock/Getty

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