North Carolina Trump Parade Participants Shout 'White Power,' 'Confederate Lives Matter' at BLM Protester

North Carolina supporters of President Donald Trump yelled "white power" and ridiculed Black Lives Matter during a parade organized by local Alamance County residents.

The Saturday event was co-sponsored by the Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) group and the Young Republicans of NC, although the latter later denounced the use of the Confederate flag and racial slurs heard in several videos. Local Black Lives Matter supporter Megan Squire recorded the pro-Trump drivers and passengers in the parade shouting "f**k Black lives" and labeling her a "c**t" as they moved through Alamance County near Elon, North Carolina.

Standing alone on the corner silently holding my sign. They call me by name, yell “white power”, then to my BLM sign: “no they f-big don’t, bitch! Go back home c—t.” This was just a few of the dozens and dozens of vehicles in the Trump Hate Convoy through Alamance County today.

— megan squire (@MeganSquire0) September 19, 2020

As participants in the pro-Trump caravan of cars drove by Squire and various bystanders they can be seen pointing to her Black Lives Matter sign and exclaiming, "no they f**king don't, b**ch." The parade in support of the president took place near Elon University but was condemned by several students and members of the faculty. The Southern Poverty Law Center has previously classified ACTBAC as a "neo-Confederate hate group."

"Go back to your home, c**t," another motorist in the pro-Trump parade can be heard as they honked and sped through an intersection in vehicles decked out with Trump 2020 campaign flags. "White power, confederate power!"

The head of the Young Republicans of NC said the Alamance County convoy was led by ACTBAC founder Gary Williamson and was separate from their own rally which also started at the nearby ACE Speedway race track. That venue was at the center of several summer protests against coronavirus pandemic restrictions and was at one point shut down by order of Governor Roy Cooper.

But in an attempt to distance the Young Republicans group from the ACTBAC parade through the same county, Chairman T.L. Mann issued a statement on Facebook Sunday denouncing the racist actions of many of the participants.

"As a Christian, I am called to love all people and I find all forms of racism unacceptable in any circumstance and it has no place in our society," Mann wrote. "I find any use of ethnic slurs or insults atrocious, racism has no place in our country. I believe that all people are created equally and beautifully made in the image of God. I detest all forms of racism and pray that God changes hearts and makes all Americans learn how to love one another again. Anyone who says anything that horrible should be ashamed of themselves, I would not condone it or any form of racism in my presence."

Trump held a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Saturday evening in support of his upcoming November re-election bid.

Newsweek reached out to local Republican officials as well as the woman who recorded much of the event but did not receive a reply before publication.

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North Carolina supporters of President Trump screamed "white power" and "f**k Black lives" during a parade organized by local Alamance County GOP backers. Screenshot: Megan Squire | Twitter