'And Now We Cry': Little Girl's Adorable Disneyland Moment Goes Viral

A viral video that shows one little girl's adorable Disneyland moment has reduced viewers to tears.

The video, found here, was posted to TikTok on December 27 by Sarah (@drakeandjoshfan001), who wrote: "The most precious little warrior got to train with the Dora Milaje at Avengers Campus on Christmas Eve." So far, the post has received more than 400,000 views and over 75,000 likes.

"I am from America," the girl can be heard telling the Dora Milaje actors at the beginning of the video.

The actor portraying Okoye—the Dora Milaje's leader—takes a moment to introduce the girl to the crowd gathered before asking the girl if she's strong.

"Yes, I am," the girl says as she nods her head.

"And confident, too," responds Okoye. "What makes you strong, young one?"

Without a moment's hesitation, the girl says: "My love for others."

At this, the crowd cheers. And soon after, the sweet clip ends with the Dora Milaje and the little girl all performing the Wakanda Salute.

According to Disney's website, the experience featured in Sarah's video is called "The Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciplines of the Dora Milaje."

"Here, you can explore the tenets of compassion, strength and courage from Wakanda and participate in a series of strength and skill exercises. Okoye, the leader of the Dora Milaje, leads this training encounter," the website said of the attraction.

Sarah's video also made the rounds on Twitter after being re-posted to the app on Sunday by EsmirElle (@ESMirelle). There, the video racked up more than one million views and caught the eyes of a few big-name celebrities.

"And now we cry," tweeted actress Gabrielle Union.

Writer and producer Mindy Kaling responded with: "My love for others omg."

Comedian Amber Ruffin wrote: "I Am Not Able To Can."

Many TikTok commenters shared that they, too, felt the urge to cry after watching the interaction.

"Are you kidding me?! Instant tears," said TikToke user Jasmine J.

"I am crying...WHY AM I CRYING," wrote Thee JBHarris.

"Bruh why am I so emotional so early in the morning," asked LisWonder.

CourtneySoOfficial added: "THIS IS WHAT I CALL REPRESENTATION!!! This is why it matters so d**n much!"

The girl featured in Sarah's video isn't the first Disney guest to receive viral attention in recent months.

Back in September, a TikToker under the name @vanessaguedert posted a video that showed a young boy tipping his hat to princesses at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

In the 23-second clip, the boy can be seen tipping his hat to Merida, Snow White and Elena of Avalor.

The video received hundreds of thousands of comments, including one from the official Disney Parks account, which read: "Oh my goodness. A true prince! This is adorable!"

Avengers campus
A viral video that shows one little girl’s adorable Disneyland moment has reduced viewers to tears. Celebrities including Gabrielle Union and Mindy Kaling were among those to respond to the video, AaronP/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor/Getty