Oculus Quest 2 Games: 7 Hidden Gems to Play Today

Beat Saber is the Duck Hunt or Wii Sports of Oculus Quest 2 games. Once you slip on the virtual reality headset and start swinging the controllers in rhythm with the music, it becomes incredibly clear how VR games can be so fun and addictive. While there are a few hugely popular games and apps that everyone should try first, there are also lots of hidden VR gems that you might not be aware of.

If you're just getting started with a new Oculus Quest 2 headset, there are a few games (and pieces of gear) you should begin with. These will get you acquainted with the next generation system. If you've spent some time with a headset already though, it's time to explore what other apps are out there.

'Richie's Plank Experience'

Richie's Plank Expeirence game
"Richie's Plank Experience" is fun, exciting and potentially terrifying for those afraid of heights. RICHIE'S PLANK EXPERIENCE

Putting on a VR headset allows you to experience things that just aren't possible in the real world. That's where Richie's Plank Experience comes in. You ride an elevator up to the top of a very tall building and then step out to just a short wooden plank. Then, like a pirate who's been caught and charged, you must walk it.

There's a lot more to Richie's Plank Experience, but the fun starting gimmick is a way for those afraid of heights to face their fear without leaving the ground. After the plank walk, you fly around the city and complete small tasks. This is not meant to be an in-depth game or something that will consume much time. It's a good way to entertain friends and family. It's also a way to drop into a new place without any real-world consequences.

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'Smash Drums Demo'

Smash Drums! Demo
“Smash Drums” is like “Guitar Hero,” but with drums. SMASH DRUMS!

Smash Drums is instantly familiar, with its Guitar Hero gameplay mechanics. Instead of pressing buttons on the neck of a guitar in sync with the music, you'll be hitting a drum set here. I don't play drums in real life, but I found this one especially addictive and compelling. As long as you stay within a difficulty setting that aligns with your skill set, anyone can have a blast.

This game is definitely hidden and not available in the standard Oculus store. To install this title, you can visit the link provided here or visit Applab.games. The site provides developers a way to test their apps before putting them in the official store. Some titles may be unstable or not fully polished, but Smash Drums seems complete and works well. You will see a warning letting you know all that before installing.

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'Catan VR'

Catan VR game
Playing Catan with friends remotely is a piece of cake with "Catan VR." CATAN VR

Yes, it's a little nerdy to play a board game in VR, but it also has a lot of advantages to it, as well. First, there are no pieces to clean up or lose. More importantly, you can play with other, actual people without their coming over or your setting aside the time you'd require to meet somewhere.

Catch VR is a solid replication of the physical board game. It's neat to be able to play a familiar game in a new location, like a rustic lodge. One of the nice things about Catan VR is that it doesn't require hand tracking controllers, so it can work across different Oculus headsets like the cheaper Oculus Go. This can allow the widest selection of friends to join your custom games.

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'Gym Class'

Gym Class game
"Gym Class" allows you to shoot hoops in your living room. GYM CLASS

Gym Class is another hidden app, not yet available in the Oculus store. There are ways to experience most sports and Gym Class is all about basketball. Here, you can take to the court to shoot, rebound and dunk.

As of the beginning of April 2021, Gym Class is still more of a robust demo than a full-on game. It has all the makings of something much bigger, but at the moment it can feel a little limiting. Still, it's free. It does have a multiple mode to be able to chat with friends who join the same gym room as you. It's a casual experience that brings some basketball into the house when you can't make it outside.

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'The Climb 2'

The Climb 2
"The Climb 2" is a way to explore a mountain without leaving your living room. THE CLIMB 2

The Climb and now The Climb 2 are probably less of hidden gems than they are curiosities that you may be hesitant to try. While $30 isn't expensive for a video game on the Playstation console, it feels a bit expensive for VR—and to take a chance on. Well, fret not: This sequel is fun.

If you aren't familiar, the concept is simple: Climb to the top mountains or buildings. You use the hand tracking of the Oculus Quest 2 to move your hands and arms to reach for handholds in the game, and the computer takes care of making you feel like you're hanging off the ground.

There's a surprising amount of controls packed in here, so you'll want to go through the tutorial and get situated with the mechanics before jumping right in.

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'Topgolf With Pro Putt'

Topgolf VR game
"Topgolf" in VR replicates the real Topgolf driving range experience. TOPGOLF

Topgolf is a popular driving range attraction around the country. It mixes the skill of golf with the comradery of a bowling ally. It's definitely more fun in person with a group of friends, but if you don't have a Topgolf near you, this virtual experience is another option.

You can head to a stall and play Topgolf in the normal fashion—there's even playable cornhole available. Or you can try a putting game that incorporates all the complexities of a standard putting green.

If you're into the putting aspect, there's also Walkabout Mini Golf, which is more focused on the obstacle course than being too serious.

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'Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR'

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR
"Racket Fury" is a realistic table tennis game for Oculus Quest 2. RACKET FURY

Table tennis, or ping-pong, is a perfect game to play in VR. You never have to chase the ball. Unless both players are skilled, you'll still get plenty of time chasing the ball in real life. Here in Racket Fury, you're able to have all the fun of the game with very little downside.

There are a few different table tennis games, but this one claims to feature the most realistic physics. There's a multiplayer mode, but you can also play through different challenges and, of course, solo.

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