Officers Follow Runaway Sheep on Highway Chase

Two escaped sheep recently led San Antonio animal care officers on a highway chase. Thankfully, the sheep were captured and returned to their home without injury.

The City of San Antonio's Animal Care Services said in a Facebook post on Sunday that their dispatchers received multiple calls about two sheep spotted grazing in an open field.

Officers found the sheep eating peacefully but when the animals noticed the officers closing in on them, they fled toward the Texas 151 Highway access road. According to the Facebook post, officers formed "human walls" in an attempt to prevent the sheep from jumping into traffic.

"By this point, our colleagues at SAPD were engaged in handling the passing morning traffic while the animal care officers continued to try and rope the running sheep," animal services said.

Desperate to run, the sheep eventually did make it over a wall and onto the highway. Police then blocked westbound traffic to give animal care officers room to catch the sheep.

"After a little more coaxing, our would-be shepherds corralled the sheep in our fenced courtyard," animal services continued.

The sheep were returned to their home without injury or stress.

Animal care services also attached photos to the post for followers to enjoy.

One picture attached to the post showed the escapees running from officers as they attempted to corral the animals. Another image showed the sheep sitting peacefully in their pens.

Strangely enough, Sunday's incident wouldn't be the first time an escaped animal led officers on a chase.

In May, Newsweek reported that Utah police chased a runaway horse onto a busy roadway. Ironically, the roadway in question happened to be the Pony Express Parkway.

Newsweek also reported in June that a zebra led Tennessee police on an hours-long chase after escaping from an exotic animal auction.

At the time, officials from a nearby elementary school warned families about the loose animal via Facebook.

"Good morning Prescott Families—There is a zebra on the loose in the Prescott area. It escaped a truck, was tased and is mad. Do not approach. [Yes, really]," they said.

Commenters on San Antonio Animal Care's Facebook page expressed their support for the officers who helped safely secure the sheep.

"Great job by all law enforcement," commented Cindy. "Baaaaaaad sheep!"

"Terrific cooperation between ACS and SAPD. ACS officers herding the fuzzy sheep and SAPD officers herding the people sheep in cars. Great work," added Catherine.

Julie added: "Thank you all for stopping, helping, and herding!"

Newsweek reached out to San Antonio Animal Care Services but did not hear back in time for publication.

Two escaped sheep recently led San Antonio animal care officers on a highway chase. Officers eventually corralled the sheep into a pen. N-sky/iStock