‘One Piece’ Chapter 907 Spoilers: Are Two Emperors Ready to Team Up?

One Piece Chapter 907 has finally released in Japan, treating readers to some amazing moments and callbacks, while also being left on a cliffhanger (as Eiichiro Oda loves to do).

Chapter 906 brought readers into the setting for the Reverie, Mary Geoise Castle. It’s a mysterious place filled with dark secrets and a looming threat that King Neptune and his people can’t seem to shake off. What will happen to the Royals attending the Reverie, and will readers finally see what Luffy and the other Straw Hats are up to?

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SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to have One Piece Chapter 907 spoiled for you before its official release turn back now.

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Chapter 907 begins on Whole Cake Island, where Big Mom talks to Kaido over a Transponder Snail. She needs to kill Luffy or else the Straw Hat victory in the last arc will tarnish her reputation. She tells Kaidou he owes her an incredible debt and that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been.

Kaido responds that Luffy is his to kill and if Big Mom comes for him on his turf, he will kill her too. Big Mom claims she only called him out of courtesy and will arrive in Wano with or without his blessing. She insists the two of them should get along, like the old days.

Meanwhile, Marine Headquarters has traced the call from Big Mom and discovered that she is making a move. However, they fear the two Emperors of the Sea are aware of the wiretap, meaning they’re basically inviting the Marines into the coming conflict. One of the officers declares the only ones who can take out Big Mom and Kaidou are the Admirals or Warlords. Admiral Kizaru asks if he should go to Wano, but Sakazuki tells him to wait because they don’t know the strength of the country’s forces.

In a bar at Red Port, Garp hears about Big Mom and Kaidou’s potential partnership to take out Luffy, but doesn’t seem worried. Garp believes that all the firepower capable of taking out Big Mom and Kaidou are there at the Reverie guarding the Royals. Also, Wano is not affiliated with the world government, so it’s out of Marine jurisdiction.

Hina, one of the members of the Marines, asks about the “Rocks.” Garp is surprised she knows about that, since she’s so young. He explains that before Jolly Roger appeared, the “Rocks” ruled over 40 years ago. But if they were to come into power again, there will be no use stopping them.

Inside Mary Geoise castle, King Sterry is asked to make the pledge. Sterry wonders if he can sit on the huge empty throne, but is told it must remain empty as a symbol to the other royals: no one is above the other. Sterry must pledge that he won’t take the throne for himself. There are weapons protecting the throne, but even so, Sterry thinks to himself about how much he wants to take it.

Back at the castle party, a giant commanded by one of the Celestial Dragons, Saint Charlos, attempts to capture Hiroshina. Rebecca and the others Hiroshina spoke with in Chapter 906 are mortified and rush to her defense, only to be confronted by the Celestial Dragon’s retainers.

King Neptune, in a rage, goes to save his daughter when Saint Charlos is hit in the face with a bat. Everyone looks on in shock as they realize Don Quixote Mjosgard, another Celestial Dragon, is the one who struck Saint Charlos. Mjosgard commands everyone to stop, revealing he owes Neptune for his kindness 10 years ago when he was marooned in his kingdom.

Elsewhere, a cloaked figure appears inside the Room of Authority, where the Five Elders (the Highest Authority in the World) are meeting. The elders ask what he needs to talk about, pointing out that the only reason they even bothered to see him is because of his reputation.

Chapter 907 ends with the reveal that the cloaked man is Shanks, and he wants to talk to the Elders about a certain pirate.

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