Only 9 Percent of Republicans Approve of Biden's Job as President at 100-Day Mark: Poll

Although a slim majority of Americans said they approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing after his administration marked its first 100 days in office, just 9 percent of Republicans said they are happy with how the Democratic commander in chief has been leading the country.

New polling published Sunday by NBC News showed that 53 percent of Americans approve of Biden as his administration passed the 100-days-in-office mark last week. But the survey revealed stark partisan divides. While 90 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of independent voters said they approved of the president, only 9 percent of Republicans said they approved.

Biden's approval rating stands significantly higher than that of former President Donald Trump after his first 100 days in office. Back in the spring of 2017, only 40 percent of respondents to NBC News' polling said they approved of the former president—double digits (13 percent) behind Biden. But the new Democratic head of state trails former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, who enjoyed approval ratings of 61 percent and 57 percent respectively after 100 days in office.

Joe Biden
New polling from NBC News shows that 53 percent of Americans approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing after 100 days of his new administration. In this photo, Biden delivers remarks during day 2 of the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate at the East Room of the White House April 23 in Washington, D.C. Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images

The approval rating in the NBC News poll aligns closely with the results of a similar survey conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post. That polling found that 52 percent of Americans approve of Biden after 100 days in office. That included 90 percent of Democrats, 13 percent of Republicans, and 47 percent of independent voters.

Comparatively, Biden's approval rating in the ABC News/Washington Post survey put him only ahead of Trump and former President Gerald R. Ford at the end of their first 100 days in office. Ford's approval stood at just 48 percent in early 1974 and Trump's stood at 42 percent in the spring of 2017. That analysis included all presidents going back to former President Harry S. Truman, who took office in 1945. The average approval rating for the 14 presidents from Truman to Biden in their first 100 days is 66 percent.

Although partisan criticism and opposition are normal in American politics, many Republican voters do not view Biden as the legitimate president. Trump and his allies continue to baselessly claim that the 2020 presidential election was "rigged" or "stolen" by Democrats. Polling published in early February by the Associated Press–NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that only a third of Republican voters viewed Biden as the legitimate president, while 65 percent said he was not legitimately holding the office.

Other issues that Americans were polled regarding Biden's job performance for the new NBC News survey include the coronavirus, race relations, border security and the economy.