'Only Murders in the Building' Season 2 Episode 5: Who Killed Bunny Theories

Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Episode 5 is out now, and our favorite crime-solving trio is potentially one step closer to solving the murder of Bunny Folger (played by Jayne Houdyshell).

After a meeting with his ex-lover and convicted murderer Jan (Amy Ryan), Charles (Steve Martin) was certain, based on Jan's theory alone, that the murderer was either an artist or somebody new who had entered their lives. But, let's be real, should Charles really be listening to a woman who once tried to kill him?

Elsewhere, Mabel (Selena Gomez) confirmed she was officially dating Alice (Cara Delevingne), and Oliver (Martin Short) was dealt the devasting blow that he was not the father of his son Will. In fact, a DNA test suggested his archnemesis and criminal mastermind Tiddy Dimas (Nathan Lane) was Will's father.

Amidst all of the chaos, the one thing on Charles, Mabel, and Oliver's minds was still, who killed Bunny?

Newsweek has a recap of the suspects and theories surrounding Bunny's death from Episode 5, titled The Tell.

Who Killed Bunny in Only Murders in the Building?

The Artist Theory

1. Alice

After visiting Jan in prison, Charles was convinced the killer must have been an artist, with a "story" to tell. The only artist he knew was Alice, Mabel's love interest. Not only that, but Alice also began speaking with Mabel in the days after Bunny's murder, which Charles and Oliver found pretty suspicious.

Alice just so happened to have a leak in her apartment roof on the day she was supposed to be having a party and instead of finding an alternative venue, she asked to host the party in Mabel's apartment. Mabel, of course, said yes, giving Charles and Oliver the perfect opportunity to question her.

Ever the party animal, Oliver arranged for the group at the party to play the murder mystery game, Son of Sam. One by one, players would be eliminated, leaving Mabel and Alice as the top suspects in the Son of Sam game.

Oliver accused Alice of lying, claiming her "tell" was that she plays with her hair when she lies. Oliver's mounting pressure on Alice to confess to being Bunny's murderer led Alice to admit she is a liar. Alice confessed to the entire room she had lied about going to school in Oxford and was actually, the daughter of a plumber from Essex.

She explained to Mabel she had to lie to find her place in the art world but you may have noticed, that she never denied killing Bunny and if convicted killer Jan's theory is to be believed, perhaps Alice cannot be ruled out as a suspect at all.

Cara Delevingne only murders in the building
Cara Delevingne as Alice in Only Murders in the Building Season 2 craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

2. Will

If audiences are to believe Jan's words of wisdom, then technically, Oliver's son Will (Ryan Broussard) becomes a suspect.

Like his father, Will is an aspiring director and therefore is technically wrapped up in the art world. Could the real killer be closer to Oliver, Mabel, and Charles than they thought?

The Pickle Diner Theory

3. The Pickle Diner Visitor

In Episode 3 of Only Murders in the Building, audiences got a little bit of an insight into Bunny's final days.

Bunny was a regular at The Pickle Diner near the Arconia, where a few days before her death, Bunny tipped her favorite waiter Ivan (Ariel Shafir) a huge amount of money, exclaiming there was "no one else" who needs the money. She also told Ivan, that the person she had met the day the diner the day before when Ivan was on his day off, would not be joining her.

In Episode 5 of Only Murders in the Building, Mabel uncovers a matchbox from The Pickle Diner in Bunny's apartment, covered in either blood or ketchup.

When Oliver visits The Pickle Diner to question Ivan, he is led to the back office where he and Ivan watch the CCTV of the last few times Bunny visited the Diner.

While watching the CCTV, Oliver gets the confirmation that the matchbox must have belonged to the murderer as the figure, who was meeting Bunny, picked up a box from the counter.

The Mysterious Figure

4. The Person in Black

In the past four episodes of Only Murders in the Building, there has been mention of a mysterious figure in the building. In one flashback, a person dressed in black is seen attacking Bunny on the night she was found dead in Mabel's apartment and Charles's daughter Lucy, also saw the figure in the secret corridors of The Arconia, on the night Bunny was killed.

In Episode 5, from his apartment door, Oliver watched a figure dressed in black leave an envelope full of dollar bills outside an apartment in the corridor. Is it the same mysterious figure in black and are they connected to Bunny's death?

Bunny only murders in the building
Jayne Houdyshell as Bunny in Only Murders in the Building Season 2. Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

A Murderer in the Building

5. A Murderer in The Arconia

To be able to access The Aronica, the secret passageways, and move Bunny to Mabel's apartment, the killer could very much be a murderer in the building. But who?

Other suspects from the previous four episodes include:

  • Bunny's mother Leonore (Shirley Maclaine)
  • Rival podcast host Cinda Canning (Tina Fey)
  • Charles's daughter Lucy (Zoe Colletti)
  • Teddy
  • Jan
  • Nina (Christine Ko)
  • Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton)

Only Murders in the Building airs Tuesdays on Hulu and Disney+