Optical Illusion of Pet Looking Out of Window Hailed As Ultimate 'CatGod'

A picture that appears to show a cat among the clouds has wowed the internet this week after it was shared on Reddit's popular r/confusing_perspective forum.

Stewart, who is from the Scottish Highlands, shared the picture that was taken by his wife Lucy of their cat Goose.

Stewart told Newsweek: "Goose is an indoor cat for the moment and Lucy was having a coffee outside and saw her looking longingly out of the window."

But, thanks to the unusual perspective the picture looks like Goose is actually part of the blue sky and among the clouds.

Goose the cat among the clouds
The picture of Goose the cat that has baffled the internet after being captured as he longingly looked out of the window. stonkin667/Reddit

Redditors were delighted by the video and headed to the comments to share their thoughts.

"I think this could be a meme image," said one comment, and another pointed out that it has "meme potential", meanwhile another said that the image was like "CatGod."

"Simply glorious," wrote another user. While another viewer of the image said it was "reminiscent of a 1980s rock video."

In fact, this picture is the perfect example of reflection photography—an art form that many photographers utilize to create mind-blowing images. Adobe explains that: "Reflection photos refer to any shot, no matter what type of photography genre, that uses a reflective surface."

For example, a mountain duplicated in the still water of a lake, or the image of a city captured inside the shiny surface of a skyscraper.

When working with reflections, the photographer needs to train their eyes to be aware of their surroundings and turn things around. Whether it's lakes, puddles, or windows, it can take some practice and moving around to find the perfect angles.

Adobe's photo experts also note that reflection photography is, as with many types of photography, all about timing and conditions. While for most of the day a puddle may not show the perfect reflection, with the sun in the right place, the lighting can create the perfect conditions to create a stand-out image.

Other commenters on the unusual picture of Goose the cat pointed out the similarities to the 1994 movie The Lion King in the famous scene where Mufasa's ghost speaks to his son from among the clouds.

"What no lion king reference?" asked one commenter, while another wrote: "Remember who you are," referring to the famous line from the movie scene.

Another Redditor simply referred to the picture as "heavenly." While others had to double-check that the cat was indeed still alive: "Your cat dead?" said one commenter, but Stewart reassured everyone that Goose is "very much alive."

Not the only cat to baffle viewers in an unusually framed image, in May another cat that appeared to be floating stunned the internet in a viral Reddit post.

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