9 Orange Cat Breeds to Consider for Your Next Pet

Cats come in many different colors, shapes and sizes each with their own distinct personalities and traits.

A famous fictitious feline known for his laziness and distinct orange coat is the cartoon cat Garfield.

For many, he is the first image that comes to mind when one pictures an orange cat, however there are plenty of other orange feline breeds.

Here are nine examples of orange cats that you may not have heard, for those who love a redhead.

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinians are a shorthaired breed, thought to originate from either Egypt or Ethiopia. These cats have an athletic build and a speckled coat, and their short fur makes for low maintenance keeping.

These cats are an active breed and are traditionally very social and require high levels of attention.

Curiously, Abyssinian cats were not originally orange in color but had more of a reddish-brown or ochre coat, which has evolved into a more orange shade.

Abyssinian cat
An orange Abyssinian cat. Dariia Chernenko/Getty Images

2. Persian

Persian cats are renowned for their luscious coat and elegance and are a popular cat breed in the feline world, as they can be found in a number of different colors.

Historically, Persian cats were the preferred choice among the elites and aristocratic classes. However their famous coat means that they are relatively high maintenance cats, as they require daily brushing and regular baths.

They are a social breed known for their round face and stubby features. The flat-faced features are a result of inbreeding, therefore more flat-faced Persians may be susceptible to more health concerns.

persian cat
An orange Persian cat. GlobalP/Getty Images

3. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the largest of all domesticated cat breeds and one of the most popular across North America.

This breed is traditionally loyal and easy to train, and are also known for being good hunters. Maine Coons have affectionate and caring personalities, as well as being friendly towards their human counterparts.

Their coat is water repellent and can appear in a variety of colors. Maine Coons are high maintenance as they are highly susceptible to health concerns and diseases, and their coat also needs regular combing and grooming.

Maine Coon Cat
An orange Maine Coon cat. Ekaterina79/Getty Images

4. Bengal

The Bengal is a beautiful breed that is in fact a hybrid of Asian leopard cats, Egyptian Mau, and other domestic cats.

They are shorthaired and have a loving and loyal nature, as well as being intelligent and playful, however they require a lot of attention and exercise.

Bengals are also known for their love of water and can swim with ease.

Bengal cat
An orange Bengal cat. Nils Jacobi/Getty Images

5. British Shorthair

British Shorthair cats are one of the oldest breeds and are known for their rounded features and thick fur.

These cats are often relaxed and easy-going and have a sweet temperament and affectionate nature. They generally like to remain inactive and don't need much play or exercise to be content.

However, their plush coat inevitably requires a high degree of maintenance as it needs regular grooming.

British shorthair cat
An orange British Shorthair cat (L) sitting next to a white British shorthair kitten. Nynke van Holten/Getty Images

6. Turkish Angora

This long-haired breed is one of the oldest domesticated cats in the world, though to have been a common household pet since the 1600s. Some have claimed that it may be the first long-haired breed in Europe.

The Turkish Angora originated in–you guessed it–Turkey and can also be found in a variety of colors including white, black, and cream.

These cats are playful, caring and loyal though their coat requires regular upkeep making them a relatively high maintenance feline.

Historically, these cats were given as gifts by Turkish sultans to European royalty.

Turkish angora cat
A Turkish Angora cat. Thilina Dilshan/Getty Images

7. American Bobtail

The American Bobtail are known for their distinct tail, or lack thereof, and their colorful long-hair coat.

This breed is usually highly intelligent and energetic, and enjoys playing. They are also known for bonding deeply with their fellow humans.

American bobtails were created by natural selection and their bobbed tails are came as a result of genetic mutation.

American bobtail cat
An orange American Bobtail cat. Jane-Khomi/Getty Images

8. Chausie

This shorthaired breed is also known as the miniature cougar and is an ancient Egyptian breed.

Chausie cats are energetic, swift and athletic which reflect its wildcat roots. They have very active personalities and are known to be intelligent, inquisitive, curious and extroverted.

Their short fur means they are relatively low maintenance as they only require grooming on a weekly basis. Nonetheless they require frequent exercise.

Chausie cat
An orange Chausie cat. tania_wild/Getty Images

9. Scottish Fold

This popular breed is one of the most adorable cats and, as the name suggests, is known for its folded ears.

Scottish Folds are also known for their rounded features, though theirs are not due to selective breeding but are a breed that developed as a result of a random genetic mutation found in some farm cats in Scotland.

Those Scottish cats were then bred with British and American Shorthairs to create the Scottish Fold, but surprisingly all Scottish folds can trace their ancestry back to the very first mutation found in Scotland.

scottish fold cat
A ginger Scottish Fold cat. Yury Karamanenko/Getty Images