Over $20,000 Raised to Buy Car For Man Who Walks 17 Miles a Day For Work

More than $20,000 has so far been raised so an Oklahoma man, who walks a total of 17 miles to and from work every day, can buy a car for his commute.

The GoFundMe page was set up by Antonio Jaramillo, who wrote in the description of the fundraiser that he set up the campaign so that 20-year-old Donte Franklin can buy a car to "get back and forth to work and wherever else he needs to go without walking."

Jaramillo said that he is also raising the money to help Franklin start his future, describing him as "a great guy," who is "always helping out with his community."

Speaking to KOCO News about the fundraiser, Franklin confirmed that he walks around 8.6 miles each way to his job as a cook at the Buffalo Wild Wings in the city of Moore, in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

He said that before his shift he has to "walk 2 hours and 26 minutes. That's 8.6 miles," before completing a full shift and walking the journey back home, a daily total journey of around 5 hours.

Franklin told KOCO that his mother died when he was just 16, causing his siblings to have to raise him over the last four years. He said he works hard every day and stays "positive" so that he can "make my momma happy."

He said that he is studying to become a welder, but told KOCO that while waiting to become qualified, he has been making the 17 mile walk to and from work in order to get money to help his siblings.

Franklin said that while he was walking to his job on Tuesday, Jaramillo stopped him and asked if he wanted a ride. After listening to Franklin's story, Jaramillo set up the GoFundMe page.

The page, which was created on Wednesday, has so far raised $20,210 from 462 donors despite an original target of $2,000, with one person pledging a total of $1,500.

Several donors posted comments on the page expressing their support for Franklin, with one person donating $50 writing: "That is some kind of dedication," as another pledging the same amount said: "You deserve a car!"

A construction company that donated $250 towards Franklin's car also told the 20-year-old to call them about a possible job.

Speaking to KOCO about the fundraiser, Franklin said: "I just got to keep going, keep going. It's all going to pay off in the end," and added: "It makes me want to keep grinding so I can help other people like they are helping me."

Donte Franklin Antonio Jaramillo GoFundMe
Donte Franklin and Antoni Jaramillo in a picture from Tuesday. More than $20,000 has so far been raised so Franklin, who walks a total of 17 miles to and from work every day, can buy a car to complete his commute. Antonio Jaramillo/GoFundMe