Paddler Wading Through Sea of Giant Jellyfish Branded Stuff of 'Nightmares'

A video of a paddler wading through a sea of giant jellyfish has been branded the stuff of "nightmares."

TikToker Marz Gee shared a series of clips online, showing the colorful creatures lurking just below the surface of the water.

The videos have amassed millions of views, as Marz captioned one of the clips: "Whatever you do, don't fall in."

The clip pans the ocean surface and shows an array of white, brown and beige jellyfish floating through the water, with at least eight clearly visible.

Their infamous tentacles are spread throughout the calm water, and they appear to be several feet in length.

Responding to comments, Marz added: "They're incredibly big."

And when asked what would happen if they were touched with a paddle, Marz replied: "I wouldn't wanna find out."

Marz captioned the viral video, shared in March, "scary" and "dangerous," as thousands of people commented in horror.

"This is probably my worst nightmare," Dimitris Ger wrote.

While Niccatjex admitted: "My legs would tremble and then I would lose balance and fall."

Brooke confessed: "That's my biggest fear actually."

TikToker Kate Darlyn wrote: "When you see beautiful creatures at sea, it means deadly."

Agreeing, Change commented: "Beautifully vicious."

While Behati Ziche wrote: "They look so beautiful, creepy at the same time."

While it's unconfirmed what exact species the unlucky person came across, one appears to be the Japanese sea nettle, Chrysaora pacifica, which can reach more than nine feet in length.

Although it's not clear exactly where the video was shot, this jellyfish is commonly found in the Pacific Ocean and off the coasts of Oregon and California, according to Oceanographic. Its tentacles can cause an uncomfortable sting.

There are more than 2,000 types of jellyfish, with the most dangerous to humans—the Australian box jellyfish—containing enough venom to kill within minutes, according to the website Ocean Service.

Another post of water giant went viral earlier this week, after a couple fishing in British Columbia, Canada, came across a white sturgeon.

The pair, thought to be called Marliese and Jacob Bergen, found the giant in the Fraser River, and it appears to be more than six feet long, with people speculating it weighed around 200 pounds (lbs).

Their incredible discovery was shared to TikTok, where it later went viral amassing more than 126 million views.

People compared the creature to the Loch Ness Monster, as well as to the Mosasaurus dinosaur.

Stock image of jellyfish swimming
Stock image of jellyfish swimming. A video showing a paddler surrounded by giant jellyfish in the sea has gone viral. Kc_aerial/Getty Images