You Can Now Get Paid $1,000 to Binge-Watch Rom-Coms From Your Couch

We all dream of meeting that special someone in a meet-cute right out of a movie, be it dropping papers all over the floor or accidentally spilling coffee over a good-looking person.

If you're obsessed with all things romance, then the perfect job has just opened up, as a company is looking to pay someone $1,000 to binge-watch rom-coms.

More specifically, movies by the acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks.

If you're unfamiliar with the name, you'll definitely recognize his works, with tear-jerkers such as The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, among his books which have been turned into movies.

Diamond jewelers Shane Co. are looking to pay one lucky person to sit through 10 films, which is probably how most people plan to spend Valentine's Day anyway.

As well as the 2004 blockbuster, the other movies on the list include Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe and Dear John, starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

Also making up the titles are The Last Song, Safe Haven, The Best of Me, The Longest Ride and The Choice.

As well as a check, the winner will also get a $50 Amazon gift card to spend on renting all the films, which can be watched from the comfort of your sofa.

Shane Co. explained they're ideally looking for someone who "LOVES Nicholas Sparks movies," and who also has "strong attention to detail."

The movie buff will need to fill in a worksheet for every film, sharing your thoughts and opinions on each plot.

To apply, you'll need to tell the team which love story from a Sparks movie you'd like to live out in real life.

"Remember, your level of obsession with Nicholas Sparks movies is the strongest factor for consideration!" the job ad said.

The Notebook is perhaps Sparks' most famous piece of work. Set in North Carolina in 1946, it tells the story of Noah and Allie, and how their love endures, and ultimately triumphs, in the face of numerous obstacles.

On Sparks' website, he revealed it was inspired by a real couple, his wife's grandparents. Speaking about his grandfather-in-law, he said: "The way his eyes shined when he looked at her, the way he held her hand, the way he got her tea and took care of her.

"I remember watching them together and thinking to myself that after sixty years of marriage, these two people were treating each other exactly the same as my wife and I were treating each other after twelve hours.

"What a wonderful gift they'd given us, I thought, to show us on our first day of marriage that true love can last forever."

In order to apply for the role you need to be over 18 and a resident in the U.S. The deadline is March 7, with the winner announced on the 21st of that month, while the movie marathon needs to be completed by April 11. To apply, click here.

The Notebook and Dear John Movie posters.
"The Notebook" and "Dear John" Movie posters. You can now get paid $1,000 to watch a movie marathon of rom-coms. IMDB