Paraplegic Cat Defies Handicap to Dash Across Carpet in Delightful Video

A ginger tabby by the name of George has struck a blow for disabled pets everywhere with an inspiring video showcasing the paraplegic cat's impressive speed on two paws.

George only turned one in August but he has had to overcome a lot of difficulties in his young life already as an orphan cat unable to use his two back legs.

He's never let any of that hold him back though - quite literally, in fact, as the video posted to TikTok showcasing his stunning turn of pace demonstrated.

The lightning-fast footage can be viewed here:

In the clip, shared to the brilliantly named account, George's carer gives fans a demonstration of the young cat's incredible speed.

Dropping a treat at one end of their apartment for George to enjoy, the cat's human companion then dashes over to the kitchen area.

It only takes a single shake of the cup containing the cat treats to get George motoring over to where his carer is standing, with the energetic feline demonstrating a speed that defies his two-paw status.

Rewarding for his efforts with another cat treat, George's exploits did not go unnoticed on social media, with the footage of his fast and furious display racking up more than 26 million views at the time of writing.

Fans have been quick to praise his efforts too. MeghanFreyTag loved the clip, commenting: "That's what I call front wheel drive" while TheBohoBeachBum declared: "George is awesome." Khytheguy said: "His back legs are just along for the ride" with Josephine Naylor writing that George "puts the leg in parapLEGic"

ThyLucentKing was stunned at the speed. "He's so fast to the point that it's scary," they wrote. Dakota Miles asked: "Does his legs rubbing against the ground constantly not cause damage to his skin?" to which the original poster replied: "It surprisingly does, he grows enough fur under his legs so that his skin is not in direct contact with the ground."

Because George is paraplegic, he is not able to use a litter tray, meaning he gets by with a cat nappy that needs to be changed 3 to 4 times a day. Aside from that, he leads a normal feline life, with many of his exploits chronicled on the Instagram account twopawdrive.

According to the Mar Vista Animal Center, "spinal damage leading to rear leg paralysis is not an uncommon problem in pets"

They say pets of this kind have "special management needs" when it comes to things like cleanliness, bladder control and physical therapy.

Though there have been instances of pets making a full recovery, they warn that rear paralysis is "rarely" temporary and looking after animals with injuries of this kind requires "commitment."

Despite this, they stress that it remains as "rewarding" an experience as looking after any cat or dog. In some instances too, cats or dogs may have wheels fitted in place of their hind legs.

George's story comes a few months after another cat on two legs named Little Meow won hearts on social media with a similarly speedy display.

Cats like these have faced incredible trauma and hardship to get to where they are today - but a happy ending is possible.

The example of Trudie proves that to be true.

A young stray who was hit by a bus and spent 16 days in the wilderness, unable to eat and nursing serious skill injuries, she recently settled into life in a new home with a couple who say she has taken to her new surroundings with ease.

A paraplegic cat.
Stock image of a paraplegic cat - a disabled cat called George has gone viral with his impressive show of speed. Yaraslau Mikheyeu/Getty

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