Inspiring Video of Paraplegic Kitten Viewed 23 Million Times

A determined kitten living without the use of her hind legs has gone viral thanks to a clip showing her incredible speed.

The young cat, named Little Meow by owner Josie Carter, captured the hearts of TikTok users after the video was uploaded a week ago.

In the clip, which can be watched here, Little Meow speeds across Carter's tiled kitchen floor to get to her food bowl and water.

"My kitten is paralyzed," the accompanying caption explains. "Only her front legs work but that doesn't stop her."

The video, which was uploaded under the handle JosieCarter36, has been watched 23 million times on TikTok, generating 5.1 million likes and 80,000 comments.

Gabby Golec wrote: "She moves faster than cats with four working legs."

Jerp Er agreed: "Those are two strong front paws."

"What a happy spirit," added shrimpcocktailsauce.

Talon Blake Ortiz, who is clearly a fan of the Fast and Furious movies, posted: "She's drifting!"

Hahahillaireous even got emotional, writing: "I'm not crying, you're crying."

Carter, who lives in Dallas, Florida, also shared a link to a GoFundMe fundraiser that sheds further light on Little Meow's injuries.

According to the page, the six-month-old kitten was left paralyzed after being grabbed by a neighborhood dog.

Although Carter was able to rescue Little Meow before any further injury could be inflicted, the attack "broke both of her back legs and possibly fractured her spine."

Despite the severity of Little Meow's condition, Carter said the kitten had remained in "good spirits."

"Her tail has moved and her left foot has also moved so she still has feeling, but she can't walk," she wrote on the page. "She is not suffering, has barely cried throughout this all and is still eating, drinking and purring!"

The fundraiser for the cat's medical bills had an initial target of $500.

"I feel very strongly that my baby should not be put down because she is still alive and well," wrote Carter. "She is a very sweet girl and I think she can make it through this."

At the time of writing, $523 had been raised, with Carter set to use at least some of that money to buy Little Meow a set of wheels to use in place of her back legs.

"Thank you everyone for all the love," she wrote in an update posted on TikTok. "I feel I did make the right decision not to put this baby down."

Newsweek has contacted Carter for comment.

It's not the first time a pet has needed replacement legs. In July, a German shepherd named Ryder, who was born without his hind paws, was fitted with custom prosthetics and learning how to walk again.

In another example of cats being awesome, a feline in Canada was hailed as a hero this week after rescuing a kitten from a burning building.

A black and white kitten.
Stock image of a black-and-white kitten. A six-month-old cat called Little Meow has gone viral on TikTok. Getty

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