Parent Accuses Teachers of Having Sex with Students at Disneyland

Emotions ran high at a school board meeting in Nevada on Thursday evening when a woman accused the teachers of having sex with students at Disneyland, among several other bizarre claims.

The Clark County School District board meeting in Las Vegas saw several disgruntled parents as many outraged people discussed controversial policies. Warnings had to be issued multiple times throughout, something that has seemingly become more common at school board meetings sense the onset of the pandemic.

One parent, Stephanie Kinsley, who also runs a parent group called My Children's Advocate, took to the stand and stated her intent to address the topic of sexual education in the schools but quickly began accusing the teachers of sexually abusing children. Patriot Takes tweeted about the incident.

Kinsley began criticizing the school district, saying, "If you can't get math right, why are you trying to take on sex ed?"

Her speech quickly became more off-topic. She began complaining about the water supply in Nevada and mentioned that the state of Nevada is giving its water to California. An administrator attempted to interrupt, asking Kinsley to stay on track, but she continued.

"Disney is, we're finding out, super creepy and weird," Kinsley said, "California allows you to have sex with kids as long as there's a ten-year or less age difference, that that's where we're taking our kids? With our sexually confused teachers who don't have children of their own?"

The audience began cheering as the administrators attempted to interrupt, telling her she needed to leave. In a video of the incident, Kinsley can still be heard shouting obscenities.

"Take control of your children, don't let everyone ejaculate, control your own body, don't have abortions. Planned Parenthood was founded to kill minorities," Kinsley yelled.

When asked to leave, Kinsley protested before suddenly becoming even more outraged, pointing her finger at school board member Lola Brooks.

"You have a box of pubic hair. You have a book! You have a book of pubic hair you collected, Lola Brooks! I know about your book!" Kinsley screamed. Police then escorted her out of the room.

This is not the first time Kinsley has accused the Clark County School District of pedophilia. In what appears to be another board meeting posted on Twitter in February, Kinsley can be seen in a video saying, "Please get your kids out of CCSD. It's garbage. These people are anti-oxygen, they are pro-pedophile, and they're out for your kids."

The Clark County School District meeting did not relax after Kinsley had left. People in the crowd continued to harass board members for several minutes, shouting, "You're a pervert" to an unknown target.

Some school board meetings have forcibly removed parents before, especially during the pandemic. In February, a maskless father was dragged out of a school board meeting in New York, which caused outrage online.

An angry mother in Virginia threatened the school board with gun violence over mask mandates in January, and in November of last year, a meeting in New Jersey had to be cut short after the audience applauded one man's racist comments.

Newsweek reached out to Clark County School District and Stephanie Kinsley for additional comment.

A school board meeting in Nevada got rowdy when a parent accused the teachers of sexually abusing children at Disneyland on Thursday. In this photo, a Pennsbury School District security guard observes a Pennsbury School Board meeting in Levittown, Pennsylvania on December 16, 2021. KYLIE COOPER/AFP via Getty Images