Parent's 'Fair' Bake Sale Dispute Solution Delights Internet: 'Beautiful'

When a parent faced some pushback from a mother after their children put a bake sale together, they managed to find a compromise that delighted the internet.

Shared to the Reddit forum "Malicious Compliance" on Friday, u/Snortgiggles said they were expected to give some money from the bake sale to their neighbor's child. After running some quick calculations, they came to the realization that u/Snortgiggles was actually owed money.

"You want to make things fair? I'll show you fair," read the title of u/Snortgiggles' post, which received 27,000 votes.

Bake Sale Stand
A parent's method to settle a dispute following a bake sale that their child organized with their neighbor's child went viral on Reddit. Here, a stock image of a bake sale stand. monkeybusinessimages/iStock

According to The Spruce Eats, bake sales are often held to raise funds and can serve as community events.

The outlet recommended that someone should serve as the leader of the event, but volunteers are also needed to publicize the bake sale, set everything up and sell the goods.

Some of the most popular treats sold at bake sales include chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and bundt cakes.

Redditor u/Snortgiggles wrote that their child and their neighbor's child decided to work together to hold a bake sale. The Redditor baked cookies for the children to sell.

"After a couple of hours, the neighbor's son decides he's bored and wants to go home, so he tells my kid, 'when you're done, come by and deliver half the money,'" u/Snortgiggles wrote. "Mine says, 'hey that's not fair, if you're leaving we should split the money now.' Mind you, the bulk of their sales was my baking."

Although the neighbor's son was upset, the children split the money before he left. The Redditors' child came home a few hours later and cleaned everything up alone.

Not long after their child came home, their neighbor and neighbor's son knocked on the door.

"Mom explains that they purchased a bunch of stuff for the bake sale, it cost a lot of money, and it's not fair that my kid is making money off their stuff, and that they should be compensated for what they purchased," u/Snortgiggles wrote.

After looking at the receipt, they saw there were items listed that the children did not use.

"I'm irked they've taken what was a fun, cheerful day of kids making money hand over fist, and shown up at my door making me engage in a super awkward conversation because they assume their kid can't be wrong," u/Snortgiggles continued. "So I say, 'of course!' and fetch my receipts."

They calculated the cost of lemonade, cups and ingredients before multiplying it by the number of batches of cookies made.

"The neighbor kid has to fork over $23," u/Snortgiggles wrote. "They got pretty quiet all of a sudden. I thanked the lady for making sure things were fair, and offered her a plate of cookies to take home. She declined."

Fellow Redditors applauded u/Snortgiggles for their response and took their thoughts to the comments section.

"This is BEAUTIFUL," a Redditor wrote.

"Offering her a plate of cookies to take home was...*chef's kiss*," commented another.

One recommended that u/Snortgiggles' children should not do bake sales with the neighbors in the future.

A reader wrote that u/Snortgiggles taught an important lesson.

"Always have a paper trail," they commented.

Newsweek reached out to u/Snortgiggles for comment.

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