Breastfeeding Woman's Response After Lecturer Demands Webcam On Praised

Whether positive or negative, you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have an opinion on breastfeeding.

One woman was praised by Redditors recently for calling out her "sexist" brother-in-law, who couldn't handle her breastfeeding at a family party. While another challenged the substandard breastfeeding policy in her male-dominated workplace, after being accused of "milking the clock."

Now, a trainee lawyer has gone viral for a similar tale.

The 24-year-old woman called the bluff of her lecturer, after he accused her of lying about turning her camera off during an online class to breastfeed.

In a post titled "Sure, I'll turn my webcam on," user u/bittyboo242 shared her story with Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance forum.

She wrote: "I recently graduated Law School and started my Practical Legal Training.

"For my PLT, we are supposed to have our [webcams] on [the] majority of the time. However, my daughter is still breast fed and the reason for me undertaking the PLT online is to care for her.

"During one session she was a bit sick and her feeding schedule was off, and I let the lecturer that day know. So, when I turned my camera off, everything should've been fine, right?

"Apparently not, because the lecturer called me out in the middle of class."

Despite contacting the lecturer in advance to let them know about the situation, the man still made a big deal about the poster turning her camera off.

She continued: "I reminded them of my earlier email. He said that while he agreed to me feeding my daughter, I needed to be in front of the camera with it turned on so that he knew I was paying attention.

"I turned on my mic and said 'I am currently breast feeding my daughter, but if you insist you've gotta be prepared for it' he said he [was].

"I turned it on and he went beet red and his mouth flapped like a fish and said 'okay turn your camera off til you're done.'

"He didn't comment again if I turned my camera off."

Fellow Redditors loved the woman's approach, with the post receiving 14,000 upvotes and more than 800 comments in just 12 hours.

Bobsledtohell said: "I really liked the way you addressed [his] comment - it shows such maturity. Unlike the a***** who demanded that he see that you are paying attention."

BusConfident1756, agreed writing: "Have to love the ignorance surrounding breastfeeding."

While Roostertree commented: "Boldness changes the world."

Bittyboo242 told Newsweek that she has no idea why the lecturer was so insistent on her camera being on, but at least the other student's got a laugh out of the situation.

She said: "I made friends with a few [other students] and they were laughing and said the look on his face was priceless."

Others wondered what the lecturer was expecting when she turned her camera on.

WilliamFerrel asked: "How is the professor smart enough to be teaching legal courses but not enough to understand how breastfeeding works?"

Ok_Tonight7383 said: "He assumed she was lying and you know what happens when you assume."

Tofufoll commented: "Says he expects breastfeeding. Sees breastfeeding. Surprised Pikachu face."

According to a 2019 YouGov survey of 1,231 US adults, less than half of Americans are "very comfortable" sharing a public space with a breastfeeding woman—some 46 percent.

Meanwhile, 22 percent said they were "somewhat comfortable" with a mother breastfeeding near them, but 23 percent said they were somewhat or very uncomfortable by it.

However, respondents' opinions on breastfeeding varied depending on the location. For example, 80 percent supported mothers breastfeeding in a public bathroom, but only 56 percent were for mothers breastfeeding during a church service.

The survey also showed that politics influenced respondents' opinions, with Democrats more open to women breastfeeding in public than Republicans or Independent voters.

Although there are health benefits associated with breastfeeding, there are a number of reasons why women might be unable to do so. There have been suggestions that breastfeeding could help to solve the current formula shortage in the U.S., which experts have blasted as "flippant" and a form of "shaming."

Some advised the woman to report the lecturer and help stop other mothers from ongoing similar situations.

"Sounds like a lawsuit," commented Hurtpersonhere.

While ErikMalik said: "This is either a case of gross insensitivity, or just hostile discrimination.

"Please hold him accountable and help future students in your position."

Update 06/13/22, 4:27 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a quote from Bittyboo242.

Lecturer Demands Breastfeeding Student Turn Webcam On
A mother breastfeeding her baby while typing on a laptop. The trainee lawyer called her lecturer's bluff when he didn't believe she was breastfeeding off-screen. IgorTsarev/iStock/Getty Images Plus