'Pathetic': Man Slammed for Letting Sister Foot Bill for Family Holiday

A 35-year-old man has been singled out for criticism on social media over his cheap-skate behavior around his family.

Being careful with money can be a positive trait, but there are points when the penny-pinching can go too far, to the point where it becomes a sign of something more serious. In these instances, excessive or compulsive money saving can often be a symptom of obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, in these instances individuals adopt "a miserly spending style toward both self and others" where "money is viewed as something to be hoarded for future catastrophes."

That could be one possible explanation for the overly frugal man's actions in the post shared to Mumsnet by his sister, writing as TiredyWiredy.

According to her post, every couple of years, she goes on holiday with her brother, their two parents and her two kids. She said she does not have "a relationship" with her sibling and they "barely speak" but both are "relatively comfortable with individual salaries of between 50k to 100k."

All of which made his behavior on their last trip away that much more confusing. "Last time we went on holiday, I paid for all the hotels," his sister wrote. "I didn't mind paying for my parents but fully expected my brother to pay me back."

In addition they "took turns paying dinner" however she noted "during the whole holiday" her brother paid for just "1 takeaway pizza" that was shared among them all. Though he insisted he was "happy to buy more if needed," no one asked for anything else.

When they got back, she expected him to get in touch to sort out the money he owed for their hotel stay. "He never contacted me," she said, with their mother eventually telling him it was "okay" and he wouldn't need to pay as she would "not miss the money."

This is far from an isolated occurrence either, with the sister explaining that her brother will often want them to eat at the "cheapest places" if they ever go out for dinner, unless their parents "offer to pay for him."

His sister has grown tired of this cheap outlook on everything though and is "fed up of paying for someone who can afford their own stuff." Unsure about whether to confront her family over the matter, she turned to social media for advice with readers urging her to confront him.

EileenGC branded the brother "pathetic" but said the sister needed to do more to address the issue. "You're all adults, you should be communicating openly about these things. End the expectations or the routine of going on holiday together. If you don't like something, speak about it."

Evoll671 also urged the woman to "communicate" more with her sibling. "I don't understand how you've got into this situation," they wrote. "If he owes you money then tell him you want it back, or just don't pay for things for him."

Stormswiftysweetafton commented: "You're being taken advantage of. The only solution is to stand up for yourself." LookItsMeAgain felt the brother's behavior was a "tragic case of learned helplessness." They said: "Your parents are not doing your brother any favors by permitting this learned helplessness. It's also a very unattractive trait in anyone."

Another user, Farawayfromhere, found the whole scenario to be quite "odd" writing: "How on earth do you all have such well paying jobs and yet are unable to function on this basic level? I can't understand what you would initially pay for his holiday when he is like this...It's all very abnormal."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

A man and woman arguing over money.
Stock image of a man and woman arguing over money. A woman has been urged to confront her brother over an unpaid debt. Prostock-Studio/Getty