Patriot Prayer Follower Injured in Vancouver Hit and Run, Suspect Arrested

A man has been arrested in Vancouver, Washington, on suspicion of hitting a man with his vehicle who attended a tribute event for a Patriot Prayer follower killed in Portland last month.

Charles R. Holliday-Smith, 30, was charged with Assault 1 and Felony Hit and Run after he handed himself into police on Monday.

Police said the victim was struck by the vehicle on Saturday after he and his friends traveled from downtown Vancouver to a bar located at 3315 NE 112th Avenue.

Charles is alleged to have followed the group of friends from downtown Vancouver into the bar and started filming them. Police said there was no verbal confrontation, but the suspect made the group feel "uncomfortable" by filming them.

"The suspect stopped filming after contact from security staff and excited the bar," Vancouver Police said in a statement. "The victim and his friends also went outside where the parties verbally communicated with each other. The suspect got into his vehicle, drove toward the victim, hit him and then fled from the parking lot."

The victim, who has been identified as Shane Moon, suffered non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the hit and run.

Rex Fergus, a friend of the victim, said the group had been at Esther Short Park earlier that day to attend a Patriot Prayer memorial event for Aaron "Jay" Danielson, who was shot and killed during clashes between opposing groups in Portland on August 29.

Hundreds of people were at the memorial event organized by the far-right group, which police confirmed passed without incident.

Moon's brother, Dustin, also told KATU News that the victim attended the Patriot Prayer memorial on Saturday.

Fergus said the group then went to Charlie's Bar and Grill, where they were confronted by the suspect.

"He came into the bar and immediately was aggressive with everyone that was in the bar. He was aggressive with the bouncer, he was aggressive with everyone that he came into contact with, he came into the bar immediately pulled his phone out and started coming over to our tables and putting his phone in our faces," Fergus told Fox 12.

Fergus said people began recording the suspect after he was asked to leave "in case something happened."

"Well something did happen, he jumped back in his truck and he ran over Shane," Fergus said.

Video has been posted online which is believed to be the aftermath of the hit and run showing the victim on the ground.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Moon following the incident, which has since gone on to raise more than $11,000.

The page makes no mention of his suspected affiliation to Patriot Prayer, but several people described Moon as a "patriot" while leaving donations. There are also references to "WWG1WGA" [Where we go one, we go all], the slogan used by followers of the Qanon conspiracy theory.

The page also shows there was a $1,000 donation from a name listed as Gavin McInnes along with the message "war." McInnes is the name of the leader of far-right group Proud Boys.

Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer have held several demonstrations in Portland over the years that have escalated into violence after being met with counter protests.

Attendees of a memorial for Patriot Prayer member Aaron Jay Danielson pray on September 5, 2020 in Vancouver, Washington. A man has been arrested on suspicion of hitting a man who attended the tribute event with his vehicle. Nathan Howard/Getty