Pentagon Announces Plan to Settle 22,000 Afghan Asylum Seekers Amid Taliban Takeover

Following today's address by President Joe Biden, the Pentagon announced its intention to settle 22,000 Afghan asylum seekers who served the United States during its 20-year war in the nation.

Director for Defense Intelligence Garry Reid said the individuals are prescreened to enter the country prior to settlement and are allowed to enter under the condition of full immigration processing upon arrival. Reid added that settlement would begin in Fort Bliss, Texas and Camp McCoy, Wisconsin.

Newsweek previously reported that Afghan citizens who supported U.S. military efforts could face violence and death if left in the country upon the Taliban's takeover.

Reid followed this announcement by saying the current focus has shifted to moving embassy staff, American citizens, and allies out of Kabul. Aircraft has entered and exited the country, bringing-in and taking-out American supplies.

"We anticipate picking up the pace, provided we can stabilize the conditions in Kabul," Reid said. "Our military team in Kabul is working side by side with the ambassador and his staff to coordinate future airlift operations in the coming days."

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Afghan people climb atop a plane as they wait at the Kabul airport in Kabul on August 16, 2021, after a stunningly swift end to Afghanistan's 20-year war, as thousands of people mobbed the city's airport trying to flee the group's feared hardline brand of Islamist rule. Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images