People Shocked to Discover How Subway Preps Its Vegetables for Sandwiches

The trend for a behind-the-scenes peek at how fast food restaurants make our favorite meals shows no sign of stopping, as workers armed with cameras spill store secrets.

While we still haven't figured out KFC's infamous 11 herbs and spices blend, one woman, claiming to be a Subway worker, has lifted the lid on how the chain preps its veggies.

The store's USP is its selection of meats, sauces and toppings which you can customize to make your ultimate sandwich combo.

But if you ever wondered how the ingredients make it into the metal containers at the counter, TikToker @Secret.subway.slut has shared two videos to her page revealing all.

While some restaurants inevitably order everything pre-packaged, the worker says most vegetables come in fresh and are washed with water before being chopped up in store. She filmed a storage area, with boxes of peppers, tomatoes and avocados on shelves.

"All our vegetables come fresh, they're in boxes in our fridge. Except for the pickles and jalapenos, banana peppers and olives, those are bagged," she said, panning to the packet of pickles.

She continued: "Also bagged are lettuce and spinach. So we just put these into bins, the lettuce goes into bins. It's pretty easy. And then the rest of our veggies, like cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, we cut up and slice daily. That's how we do it, it's pretty quick."

In a separate comment she confirmed: "I didn't show that part but I washed them before putting them on the counter."

The woman says she's "worked at Subway on and off for three years," although she didn't reveal the location, thought to be in the U.S., as she confirmed she makes $15.50 an hour plus tips.

The original clip, shared at the end of August, has amassed more than 100,000 views, and can be seen here.

In a follow-up video, shared a few days later, she gave fans a close-up of the items which are pre-prepared, adding: "So the pickles are pre-cut, you can see them here with these veggies."

And responding to a comment about how they ensure the avocado is fresh, she added: "We cut ours when the customer asks, so we have a whole avocado sitting out and just cut them to the sandwich for us."

Although not everything is made fresh to order, which would inevitably defeat the purpose of it being fast food. In other clips she shared how various meats are prepared, including meatball marinara and chicken teriyaki.

As she got the steak ready for service, she said in the voice-over: "Here we have the steak... when I started working at Subway I thought we'd like grill steaks and cut them up in the back and obviously I was very very wrong."

Numerous people have commented on the clips, impressed at how Subway uses fresh ingredients.

"Yes being vegetarian pays off again.. I'm glad they're fresh veggies," Cyclonictaurus wrote.

Klynnemanioba reckoned: "So veggie sub is a good choice!"

Agreeing, Gaysforlwt28 commented: "This is why I only eat veggie wraps at Subway."

"Wow you guys have whole avocados," Zyerra Nicole said.

Although Amournoellee added: "I can't imagine having to cut that many veggies."

Newsweek reached out to @Secret.subway.slut and Subway for comment.

Exterior shot of a Subway store.
An exterior of a Subway restaurant, taken on October 21, 2015 in Miami, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images