'Trump Lost Lol' Sign Directed at People's Convoy Protest Seen in D.C

A sign reading "Trump lost lol" was hung from an overpass just outside Washington D.C as hundreds of trucks and other vehicles were taking part in the "People's Convoy" protest against vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions.

The sign, which appears to refer to former President Donald Trump not winning the 2020 election despite his continued false claims that he did, was put up as the vehicles taking part in the demonstration began circling the Capital Beltway on Sunday.

Documentarian Ford Fishcher, who was filming the trucker protest from the overpass, spoke to two young males who hung the flag up.

"It's not really a counter protest, we just came out here for laughs," said one of the individuals.

The other said the flag was being displayed to counteract those who have "F**k Biden" and pro-Trump flags on their vehicles.

Despite considerable build-up, the first two days of the People's Convoy protest did not cause any significant disruptions as the vehicles repeatedly drove loops around the Beltway.

One of the organizers Brian Brase said that while a small faction of the convoy wanted to make its way into D.C., the group had no plans "at this time" to do so or block the Beltway.

"If we shut down the Beltway, we lose our public support," Brase told The Washington Post. "We do not want to shut down the Beltway. We just want them to hear us roar."

The convoy was inspired by the recent "Freedom Convoy" demonstrations—also against vaccine mandates—that caused major disruption on the streets of Canada's capital of Ottawa in early 2022.

However, the overall goal of the protest in D.C. has confused some, given that large portions of the U.S. are lifting COVID restrictions.

Prior to the convoy arriving at the Beltway, Maureen Steele, an organizer with The People's Convoy, told Fox 5 D.C. one of the reasons that the protest is going ahead was because President Joe Biden announced in February he was going to extend the COVID national emergency in February

"This is no longer an emergency. This is no longer a pandemic. This is endemic," Steele said.

The national pandemic emergency, which provides the government with special powers, namely allowing it to spend additional money, was due to expire on March 1.

On Tuesday, GOP Senators Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz are to speak with leaders of the People's Convoy to discuss "the harmful effects of President Biden's vaccine mandates" while the vehicles continue to circle the beltway

Speaking to The Post, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) said she hopes the convoy will be satisfied that they have managed to arrange a meeting with lawmakers and end their protest soon.

"It looks like they understand that blocking traffic doesn't help their cause, whatever their cause is," Norton said. "It seems their cause has dissolved with masks coming down, and COVID no longer quite the problem it has been nationwide."

In a statement on Monday, Norton added that after speaking with Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, she was satisfied that the trucker protest groups will not cause security problems in the area.

Writing on messaging service app Telegram, the People's Convoy said: "We are making some progress! First meeting with D.C. scheduled for tomorrow [Tuesday]. Talks have begun...but we aren't leaving until our demands are met."

The People's Convoy has been contacted for comment.

peoples convoy
People on an overpass cheer on the convoy to DC on I95 near Portsmouth, New Hampshire on March 2, 2022. A sign reading "Trump lost lol" was hung from an overpass just outside Washington D.C as hundreds of trucks and cars were taking part in the "People's Convoy" protest. Joseph Prezioso / AFP/Getty Images