Here's Why Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Bought a Boat

Saturday Night Live made fun of their own cast members during a recent show when the character The Guy Who Just Bought a Boat called out Pete Davidson and Colin Jost.

Will Forte hosted the recent episode but was absent from this Weekend Update segment starring Alex Moffat. The character called out the two SNL members for their part in purchasing a Staten Island Ferry boat for more than $280,000.

The story broke on Friday that the pair had purchased the vessel before Jost and Davidson explained their reasoning during a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Why did Pete Davidson and Colin Jost buy a boat?

Both Davidson and Jost are famously from Staten Island, New York, and regularly support the area. Davidson's 2020 movie The King of Staten Island was set there because it's his home town.

The pair, as part of a consortium of New Yorkers made a winning bid on the Staten Island Ferry at an auction last week. Led by Paul Italia, a comedy club owner, the winning bid was $280,100.

Italia told the New York Times what the trio, as part of the consortium, plans to do with the vessel, which is known as the John F. Kennedy. He mentioned that there's an idea to turn it into "an arts and entertainment venue." He continued: "The reality is that everyone who came together on this has a sincere motive to see the right thing happen, to restore a piece of New York."

Mayor Eric Adams also tweeted his support for the idea, directing his appreciation directly at Davidson and Jost.

What have Pete Davidson and Colin Jost said?

During the comedy skit on SNL, Davidson and Jost light-heartedly mentioned what their plans are for the Kennedy. Since it's a light-hearted sketch, it's tough to know how much of what they said was the truth, as it often served as the set-up for Moffat's character to tell a crude innuendo.

"We bought a ferry," Davidson said as he rolled onto screen,"the windowless van of the sea." Jost's reaction was to say, in deadpan delivery, "It's very exciting. We thought the whole thing through."

Speaking of the 300ft vessel, Jost hinted as to what the group's plan was, "We're going to keep the boat docked, it's not going to move on its own power."

In early November 2021, Davidson was photographed taking Kim Kardashian to Staten Island which sparked a wave of memes and reactions online.
The next episode of Saturday Night Live airs on January 29, 2022, with Willem Dafoe as host and Katy Perry as musical guest.

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson
Colin Jost and Pete Davidson are part of a group who've bought a Staten Island Ferry boat. Gotham / Said ZapatA/GC Images