Peter Meijer Says Liz Cheney Faced '4 Hours of Blistering Criticism' from GOP

Congressman Peter Meijer has praised House Republican Conference chair Liz Cheney after she saw off an attempt to remove her from her position on Wednesday.

Meijer, a freshman Republican from Michigan, took to Twitter after a secret ballot of House Republicans voted 145 to 61 against a motion calling for Cheney to step down. While he didn't exactly congratulate her, he was more positive than some of his colleagues.

"Tonight @RepLizCheney faced four hours of blistering criticism and didn't yield an inch," Meijer said. "We may not always agree on policy but I respect the hell out of leaders like Liz who are unyielding in defense of their convictions."

Meijer later retweeted himself and added a gif from the animated sitcom Rick and Morty showing one of the characters saying, "Well, I thought it was cool."

This may have been in response to criticism for praising Cheney, who represents Wyoming's congressional at-large district and is the No. 3 Republican in the House. She has been targeted by Donald Trump loyalists in the GOP for voting to impeach the former president.

Following the GOP vote, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised the process and appeared to want to move on, according to Politico. He had supported Cheney as some Republicans pushed for her removal.

Tonight @RepLizCheney faced four hours of blistering criticism and didn’t yield an inch. We may not always agree on policy but I respect the hell out of leaders like Liz who are unyielding in defense of their convictions.

— Rep. Peter Meijer (@RepMeijer) February 4, 2021

"We addressed this as a family, addressed this as a team and ultimately finally worked to have a vote to keep the entire team together and ultimately kept the team much stronger," McCarthy said.

"Because while we aired those grievances, everyone tonight was united."

Cheney reportedly refused to apologize for voting to impeach, but she did field questions and explain her actions during the meeting. One point of contention was the letter Cheney had issued the day before the impeachment vote, strongly criticizing Trump.

Several Republicans were less magnanimous than Meijer. Ohio Rep. Warren Davidson said his party's leadership had gone "all-in to save Liz."

"If this were a 'vote of conscience' rather than a 'whipped vote', I believe the outcome would have been different. Now the task is to regain the majority in spite of (or because of) this collective decision—I opposed. Swamp wins, for now," Davidson added.

There is presently no indication that any Republican member of the House will lose the party whip for voting to remove Cheney.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who held a rally in Wyoming as part of his campaign against her, was also critical of Wednesday's result.

"Tonight, the GOP decided to keep @RepLizCheney. Tomorrow, the Dems will boot @RepMTG from her committees," he wrote on Twitter.

"Both decisions reinforce the power of Washington. It encourages me to go out into America and call attention to changes needed in both parties so the voters are respected."

A Woman Holding an Impeach Cheney Sign
A woman holds a sign reading "Impeach Liz Cheney" as Rep. Matt Gaetz addresses the crowd during a rally in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on January 28. Cheney won a GOP vote on Wednesday with a significant majority. Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images