Should Pets See You Naked? Woman's Concern Sparks Hilarious Debate

Most people probably wouldn't let their family members see them naked. But what about pets—who count as family—should they see you naked?

A friend of a pet owner who posed the question in a post on the AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable) forum on Mumsnet has sparked a hilarious debate among users.

User dottypotter said: "I was talking to a friend about sleeping with nothing on in the hot weather. She said she couldn't do that as the cat would come in the room and see her naked. Made me laugh and think. Do you let your dogs and cats etc see you naked?"

A man sitting in bath with cat.
A man sitting in a bubble bath and reaching toward a cat standing at the bathtub. iStock/Getty Images Plus

Several Mumsnet users weighed in on the question, including some who argued pets themselves are naked all the time, so seeing their owners in their birthday suits wouldn't be a cause for alarm.

CounsellorTroi added: "The dogs and cats are naked themselves—why on earth would they care?"

RocketPanda said: "Well I see them naked and they don't seem to care. The cats stick their butt holes in my face so I think the boundaries are truly broken."

JuneyJune said: "My cats gladly lick their arses in front of company. They don't care about nudity. They also don't care about jumping onto the end of the bed and falling asleep when DH [dear husband] and I are having sex. Even if they were to care about what they saw (which they don't)—they can't tell anyone."

Autumn101 said: "[laughing crying emoji[ I've never given it a thought! My dog and cat frequently see me naked—frankly the things I've had to do for them it's certainly no big deal."

Loyaultemelie said their cats "have seen it all!," noting "I have one cat who is a bathcat so she has definitely seen me naked," while another cat who is hand-reared "particularly enjoys a shower and a sink wash..."

Some users were reluctant to expose themselves, stating it feels "weird."

User pushingpoppies said: "I dont let my dog see me naked...just feels weird," and GreatCrash agreed, noting: "Funnily enough I do feel a bit weird when the cat wanders in to my bedroom/bathroom and sees me naked! I realise it's irrational but it just feels odd!"

Chikapu wrote: "No, my cat is very young and I have no desire to cause him any emotional damage [grinning emoji]."

Others noted that pets may "marvel" at the fact that humans appear to be able to "take off" their "fur" by being naked.

User StellaAndCrow said they let their pet see them naked "but I always worry about what they think! Do they think we can take our fur off?"

User viques said: "My cats used to love seeing me without clothes, they used to come and perch on the bath and marvel at the way I could take my fur off and put it back on again..."

ComDummings said perhaps exposing ourselves "will scare pets and they think we take our fur (clothes) off."

A few users pointed out the risks of being naked around pets, such as Hoppinggreen who said: "I don't care if they see me naked but you have to be careful around ddog as he tends to try and lick things."

User Maisa45 wrote: "Well I certainly don't care about my two dogs seeing me naked but you have to be careful as they are known for trying to 'investigate' genitals and one of them actually latched onto my nipple when he was younger and I was sleeping topless [scared face emoji]."

User balalake added: "I'd be more concerned about scratches from a cat, however accidental."